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2010 Honda Ridgeline - Carputer Build

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  • 2010 Honda Ridgeline - Carputer Build

    2010 Honda Ridgeline Carputer Build

    I have been mostly lurking the forums for about 8 months now reading on different builds, adaptations, front ends, etc. I have gained such a vast amount of knowledge from this forum that I must thank everyone who has posted a question and everyone who has provided a solution. It is wonderful to see how much an online community can come together to help each and everyone in need of aide. That said, let me cut to the chase and present my project that I have undertaken for about a month and a half.

    Vehicle: 2010 Honda Ridgeline RT
    Build Purpose: one integrated entertainment system that could manage all my needs and expand my knowledge of computers and electronics
    Build type: Reliable, Cost efficient, and durable.

    Now to the parts list


    Mobo: Zotac GE6100 itx E-E ($30 with combo discount)
    CPU: AND Sempron AM3 2.7Ghz ($26 with combo discount)
    Mem: AData 2GB ($34)
    LCD: Lilliput 869 8 inch Touch screen ($185)
    PS: M4-ATX 250W ($90)
    HDD: 80Gig Hitachi Hard Drive ($$ Free)
    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 ($$Free)
    Front End: Centrafuse 3.0 ($$ Free borrowed)

    Radio: ADS RDX-155-EF ($7)
    Speakers: Boston Acoustics RM6 ($$ Free, from previous vehicle)
    Amplifier: Kenwood Excelon xxv-02A 4-Channel ($$ Free, from previous vehicle)


    Dash kit: Honda Ridgeline Kit DD kit($15 )
    Wiring kit: Honda Ridgeline stock wiring adapter kit ($13)
    GPS Recv: MS-Pharos GPS-500 ($19)
    GPS SF: Garmin Mobile PC ($$ Free Borrowed)
    Rear View Cam: Pyle PLC M24IR ($38)

    Total: $457.00 (Budget was $600)

    The hardware and software are integrated and running perfectly fine with M4 doing what it is supposed to with IGN on and off settings. Just waiting to custom rig a USB header for onboard adjustments via M4 software.

    Build Pictures

    Any comments welcome. Also, Now I am in the process of adapting the screen onto the kit and then the rest is just install into the vehicle. Once it is done, which should be probably in the early April, I will keep you all updated.

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    Choosing a PSU (Power supply unit). I tried two websites to choose my power supply. 1) Asus (down as of 2/19.2011) and the other is 2) New Egg ( ). This is what prompted me to choose the M4-ATX which is a 250W PSU.

    Uploaded with


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      Any updates on 8" screen integration to the Double Din kit? Post pics please. I have a Ridgy too and starting to plan my carpc setup as well. Also what did you tap to provide power to the PC? Did you run another power cable thru firewall for this? I had a pc with same cpu. I was never got more than 80 watts, perhaps you could have gone with a smaller PSU like an M3-ATX?


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        Glad to see a fellow Ridgeline owner planning on a vehicle pc build.

        At this point, the screen integration is at its early test phase of mocking up the expansion limits on the existing Metra Dash kit. Since I moved to a new location for living accomodations two weeks ago, I just unwrapped the pc two days ago and had to retest everything. As soon as the process is underway, I will post as much information and pictures as possible to help others.

        I chose the M4-ATX based on the requirements provided on NewEgg. Even though there are no Internal amplifiers attached to the PC, the power requirements provided for my setup exceeded 200W and thus I opted for the M4-Atx. Also, the price was to be considered as the Opus was almost double the cost of a single M4.

        I have a 400W power inverter in the vehicle and will be running a 4-channel amp as well. I have one set of power cables already in the cabin through the firewall and now I am in the process of using a distribution block to power the computer and the amplifier.


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          Another Ridgeline owner here... I also am looking to do a similar build. I saw your post on the RL owners forum... and have now found this place! Great info here... but not much on our Ridgies...

          Interesting that you decided to go DC ->AC -> DC instead of going with a direct DC power supply. I have the same quandry... use the built in inverter or go with a power conditioning DC supply... Hmmm decisions...

          You should follow up here with pics of your final build - what I saw looked nice.
          Questions: Why the 8" v.s. the 7" screen? and how are you going to mod the kit to fit the 8"?


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            The M4-ATX is a DC to DC power supply.

            I went with the 8" because the price was not that different between the 7 and 8 and with the crutchfield guys screwing up on the measurement I asked them, I had to mod the 8" screen. The internal diagonal dimension is close to 7.75" so about quarter of the diagonal viewing area of the screen is cut off. The Double Din kit is modded already and ready to receive the screen.

            The Motherboard is dead as of now so I am waiting to send it back to Zotec and get a replacement one.


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              Got my replacement MOBO and change my 1GB x 2 to a 2GB DDR2 memory with a heat spreader. Dual memory had some start up issues on the old board and price was cheaper on the single 2gig stick.

              Metra Double Din Adapter - Hacking and Screen Installation.


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                Screen Mating

                Screen Mating - attaching the 8" Touchscreen to the Metra Double Din Adapter


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                  Looking good
                  In Car Computer Parts for the UK Market


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                    Looking great! Do you still have some of the screen not visible because of the kit? I thought it was interesting that you opted to use metal clips in some places, attached with screws to what looks like strips of wood bonded to the plate. Did you consider just making some wood pieces and making a one piece fit with a router - then bonding it to the plate? Your solution looks to be a nice one... just curious. As you probably know from the ridgie forum, I am a big fan of JB weld...

                    I can't wait to see it mounted in your RL.


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                      Honesty, I am not great or even good with bondo and body filler stuff. As you can see in my previous shots, I cut the side part of the Metra D-Din too much that exposed too much of the open area. I had to use a metal plate and then the Plastic Metal compound to fill in and sand it. This gave me a perfect 8" viewable section an the way the screen sits, you can see every single corner of the LCD screen.

                      The reason the back of the screen looks bastardized is due to the fact that the screen sits on an angle and I could not get either a long enough structure to hold the screen in place. I reused the original retaining plates and screws to secure the screen to the Metra D-Din adapter but had to use the wooden dowels stacked in two to get enough height to use a metal strip wrapped in electrical tape to secure the screen laterally to the dash kit. There are two support plates on top and bottom that support the screen vertically so it does not slide down, and the metal strip along the middle prevents it from moving laterally (inside the kit). all wooden dowels were secured to the kit using generous amount of epoxy.

                      I used electrical tape on much of the edges of the screen to prevent any sort of accidental electrical short and also velcro tabs to keep the LCD circuit board secured to the back.

                      I will upload some of the MOBO/PSU later to show how they look.


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                        Can't wait to see the pictures. You need to post pics on the RL forum too!

                        I still am having great conflict deciding which screen to go with... I would prefer something like what you are doing, but as I have the RTL my radio is 2din... and I like having the volume control on the radio... I would probably use the existing aux in port...with a carputer mounted in the center console. I tried a wind PC (not laptop, but the netop... )and it doesn't fit in either place. I have a HP netbook I may use... or perhaps I might just mount the wind PC behind the rear seat... or in the trunk. The trunk concerns me for fear of lack of ventilation... so I am still trying to decide. As far as screen, it may have to be a pop out type. Any advice?


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                          Hey Dekonick, thanks for the props. Once I am done, I will post it up at ROC forums.

                          If I was you, I would not mount the CPU anywhere in the trunk or behind the rear seat. If you are using a netbook to power up the carputer, then you are better off using the cpu part of the netbook (in a custom case) and mount it under the passenger seat. I would not mount it to the floor, but to the seat itself. Now that you have a RTL, it might be an issue cause you have power seats and I have an RL so I have room underneath my DR and PASS seats.

                          If you are using a netbook, it probably is a 10" screen and it can be done, if you are excellent with bondo or body filler stuff............. which I am not. 7" screen would have been a walk in the park, but the cost difference and the visuals on the 8" made me go the extra length to adapt the 8" screen. Since I still run the itx mobo, It is well encapsulated in the dash itself with no issue.

                          I am looking into a dash mounted volume control knob that I could adapt to the Metra bracket on the outside and have not found a nice one yet. You are lucky to have an aux port and unfortunately, I have to do everything custom.


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                            Here are some with the kit, screen, mobo, and m4atx put together and running.

                            Did some test runs and the touch screen is pretty responsive at the recommended resolution. I have to start wiring on the cabin for the 4 channel amp, gps, radio and wireless. I also have to start getting the additional USB ports ready and also the Aux in line hooked up.


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                              Looking good so far... I am not so sure my aux in is such a good thing as I have a double din stock radio. My options are to either remove radio, etc... to put in a TS in the 2DIN. I am leaning more and more toward a toughbook... I just have to wait until they get new toughbooks at work and buy one or 2 of the older models... guess it will have to wait for a big drug bust... that's when they seem to buy most of the computers... with siezure money... then the PD gives the FD the old laptops... and the old FD laptops get auctioned.

                              I do like having a center mount laptop. It is nice and easy to work with. I am tempted to try my HP touchsmart laptop, but don't think I can find a docking solution that is nearly as plud and play as the toughbooks...

                              I have too many options... and still mulling over what to do. Your setup looks fantastic so far! Did you think about an Elemental Designs subwoofer for behind the rear seats? If you are making all of this custom work... why not put in an ED enclosure?