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2003 Mitsubishi Galant Hi-Tech Build

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  • 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Hi-Tech Build

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Alex, here is a roundup of what i did/doing/will do

    ZOTAC LGA775 NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Mini-ITX Intel Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.7 Processor
    SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series Sound card
    2GB DDR3 Memory
    160GB Slim SATA HDD
    BU-353 USB GPS Receiver
    Old Linksys Wifi Dongle (need to replace)
    Velleman K8055 Board (current project)
    Night/Day Camera w/ DVR (current project)
    GSM GPS Tracker w/Alerts & 2-way Audio
    Windows 7 Custom Install
    Centrafuse 3 Front End
    Garmin Mobile PC
    Custom 8" Touchscreen
    2 Front Hertz EV165 6.5" Component Speakers
    No Rear Speakers
    Polk Audio 200.4 Amp

    Part 1. M4-ATX and the case.

    The power supply is programmable via USB, start up/shut down delay, min/max voltage, trigger voltage, etc,.

    Here is the pinout:

    [GND] [GND] [USB D+] [USB D-] [ Vcc ]

    [ NC ] [GND] [ AMP ] [PW SW] [PW SW]

    Fabricated my own cable according to pinout

    Here it is booting up

    Installed everything into the new case

    This USB hub fits perfectly inside the case

    the bolts keep it secured

    The case is really small, smaller than i thought.

    Part 2. Connecting K8055 Board

    Hacked up old M2-ATX fully functional, this is going to power all the accessories
    5V or 12V as well as powering the K8055

    It was a nice surprise to open box and find this

    apparently i gotta put it together myself.... while that's being done here are some fabrication

    Decided to upgrade my carputer sound card. I found this Sound Blaster X-fi Titanium,

    thought how to integrate that bay in the front dash.

    and I figured it can fit in here with some modifications

    Ok, tools needed:

    Sand paper (from coarse to fine)
    Pliers / Groove pliers
    Masking tape
    for mold you can use Fiberglass but i prefer Plumbing Epoxy Putty
    it's easier to work with, you can shape it with your hands like clay, and it dries rock solid.

    First unscrew the lighter sockets

    Here is what you will end up with (dont mind the holes on the left side, that's usb and power)

    Here is the bay that will connect to PCIe 1x Port and control main volume + inputs/outputs + effects

    I measures the size of the bay, and marked the edges on the tray to cut out (remember measure twice)

    After you cut, test fit. You need to make sure it sits tight

    Measure/Mark/Drill two holes on the side to secure the bay with screws

    Now start applying putty a little at a time, and while it's still soft, shape it to your need.
    Wet your finger tips in cold water, and the putty will not stick to your hands.

    Keep applying putty, shaping, and after it cures, SAND, SAND and SAND

    There is going to be a lot of sanding to get it smooth without imperfections.

    Then I like to spray one coat of flat black to spot imperfections and sand more.....

    more or less starting to look like something but still a lot of work to do.....

    More sanding, and more sanding, and layer of paint, and more sanding.....

    more molding and sanding and sanding and priming

    You probably asking yourselves 'what is that space for?'
    -- Well I'll tell you...that space will become an 2x16 LCD screen for startup/shutdown controller,

    But for now...

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    Back to the K8055 board

    Separated and labeled all wires with according voltage on the M2-ATX

    Finally catching on to this soldering method.

    Here is my test setup.

    Left side

    1. Analog input 0-5V
    2. Analog input 0-5V
    3. GND

    1. Dig. input 1
    2. Dig. input 2
    3. Dig. input 3
    4. Dig. input 4
    5. Dig. input 5
    6. COMMON

    Right side

    1. GND
    2. Analog output
    3. Analog output
    4. Analog output
    5. Analog output

    1. GND
    2. Clamp
    3. Dig. output 8
    4. Dig. output 7
    5. Dig. output 6
    6. Dig. output 5
    7. Dig. output 4
    8. Dig. output 3
    9. Dig. output 2
    10. Dig. output 1

    Good LED's come with variety of disconnects, so i soldered one end for easy replacement

    Also i added the aux wire for the controller

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      Nice work, looks like a great start to the project.
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        this was done waaay before

        prime and paint, i also molded the screen buttons


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          any chance that you'll release that custom boot screen? i kinda miss my old modded xp mitsu boot screen...
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

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            Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
            any chance that you'll release that custom boot screen? i kinda miss my old modded xp mitsu boot screen...
            here you go, unrar, use the app, select animation, browse for included folder, apply

            you can also use the images as template to create your own animation
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              very cool, thanks!!

              after some more research (sorry, but i don't just open .exe's that people give me--a couple bad experiences ) i see that it is part of a project on codersforlife's site.


              it is nice to see that some people with better coding knowledge then i took the time to get this all to work. i was really dissapointed that i couldn't mess with my win7 logo when i first started using it...

              i hope you don't mind, i also posted a link to the coderscorner site in the software area-- i believe that there are many people interested in this..(you get all the credit for finding it first though!!)
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              My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
              "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

              next project? subaru brz
              carpc undecided


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                sure not a problem, i dont take the credit for the software, i only created my mitsubishi animation and that i'm more than welcome to share