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  • Toyota Corolla 2002 - WorkLog

    Ok started this process a fair while ago, but due to work commitments it has been on hold anyway finally started.


    Vroom 2 case
    Zotac NM10-itx wifi MB
    M2 ATX
    Lilliput 7" 669GL-70NP/C/T-H Touch Screen HDMI Monitor
    Win 7
    Custom Software

    Deciding where to put it

    I went for under the glove box, it seemed to fit nicely and would suit the length of the HDMI cable that came with the lilliput (Note this is HDMI one end and HDMI+USB the other).


    Ive run a 15Amp fused 8 guage cable from the Battery to the M2 ATX, im powering both the MB and Lilliput off of this, Ground is to the Chassis.

    Took a little effort to find the ignition cable, but with a multimeter its pretty simple, also aded an isolation switch so can decide when the pc starts up.

    Initial Problems

    Toyota Corolla dash is not a good size, but with a bit of cutting and making a bracket, i think ive made it look ok although still need to tidy it up (certainly not factory).

    Voom Case is very compact, dificult to get all cables, HDD in there.

    Installed and working

    Got the pc in today far from finished

    Ill post pics of software soon.

    • Tidy up the dash around the screen, im going to utilise the fact there are gaps between the screen and dash and back light it.
    • Buy and connect an Amp
    • Continue with Software
    • Intergrate multiple sensor into car and sofware
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    Corolla WorkLog

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    Got my software running:

    Corolla WorkLog


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      Great start. My only concern is you mentioned mounting the PC under the glove box. I don't know about your vehicle specifically but most have HVAC ducts under there. You will want to make sure the heater is blowing past the case and not on it or you may find the PC temps skyrocket from heat transfer.

      Are you planning on tweaking the dash to mold the monitor into it?
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        Yes the HVAC is little way above it, but I live in Perth Australia, not sure ive ever turned the heater on

        Still pondering the dash, ill take a photo of where it is and let the suggestions flow in,

        Without taking the screen out of the lilliput surround it wont never sit flat into dash and reluctant to do this as possibly upgrading car in the near future, But thats still an option if im careful

        At the moment my intent is to back the monitor with something to cover the holes and then back light it.
        Corolla WorkLog


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          Installing Amp today, didnt get it finished before dark so will continue after work tomorrow.

          Software is coming along nicely, Media element is almost complete, just ironing out a few issues, using it everyday driving to work is giving me a better idea of what is required.

          Next up for the Software is my integration of Phidgets into my Carpc.

          Phidgets Products Owned:

          Phidget 8/8/8:

          8 digital input:
          Buttons/Controls, not sure if ill use these as have the touch screen.
          8 outputs:
          Control LED Ambient Lighting.
          1056 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3:
          Working on a display to show Acceleration/Heading/Pitch/Roll/Tilt etc, this sensor is overkill 5G's not sure ill ever make that unless hitting a brick wall, but i purchased it a while back to play with. Cant wait just hoping i can develop the display how im imagining it
          1124 - Precision Temperature Sensor * 2:
          Internal and External temperation monitoring.
          1127 - Precision Light Sensor:
          This will detect when it become dark to have auto headlamps, dim display and turn on ambient light setup in car.
          1128 - MaxBotix EZ-1 Sonar Sensor:
          Reversing Sensor, possibly will purchase more for collision detection
          1135 - Precision Voltage Sensor:
          Possibly use to monitor Battery, or other sensors, but read on other thread i can simply us the analogue input for this.
          3053 - Dual SSR Relay Board
          This will control lights, possibly other items, eg Air Conditioner. Not sure if this is required as not sure what voltages cross the Headlamp switch, but ill find out when i get there.
          Numerous others within a kit i got a few years back.

          Will post some pics when i start to intergrate them.
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          Corolla WorkLog


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            Quick Update:

            Amp Wiring is mostly in.

            Got Fused 4 Guage running from battery to 4G to 2 time 8G Fuse block, 8G then runs to the CarPc and the other 8G runs to the boot to the amp, pics below:

            4G to 2*8G fuse block

            Amp mounted
            Corolla WorkLog