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Chrysler 300M Special - 9" Car PC

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  • Chrysler 300M Special - 9" Car PC

    I decided to change my Pioneer CD player to something more serious. Something that has video, audio, nav, bluetooth, iPod and other features. After spending some time reading car pc forums, I found some cool car pc software - Centrafuse Auto. It's an awesome software with gogreous user interface and all the features that I need. Plus many new features and plugins can be added. As I'm the comuputer guy, it won't be hard to make everything with my own hands

    So here are some pics of all that I've done few days ago.

    Everything connected will look something like this:

    So I already got the 9" ASUS EEE PC 904HD laptop for my project:

    Also a kit that will make the screen as touch sensitive pointing device:

    View after disassembling the computer. LCD + mainboard + some internal components + battery:

    LCD with touch sensitive glass attached on it:

    Wire that connects LCD to mainboard will be lengthened to ~ 3ft.

    Everything connected - everything works:

    Few pics after plastic cutting, glueing, glass fibering and sanding: