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    OK, so here we are at the the begining of my install. Although I've just started installing, I have spent months acquiring the parts neccesary. The whole philosophy of this project was "no comprimises." I didn't want to compromise on any aspect of the PC performance or the quality of the sound system. I wanted to retain an OEM appearence to keep it from attracting unwanted attention. The lack of comprimise led to extreme cost, which is why it has taken so long. Here's what I've acquired so far:

    - Gigabyte H55N-USB3 Motherboard
    - Intel Core i3 550
    - 1x 4GB Corsair Dominator RAM
    - 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
    - M4 ATX Power Supply
    - Mini-Box M350 Case (Black)
    - 500GB WD Passport USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
    - Centrafuse Navigation Edition
    - Roughly $90 in Cabling (HDMI, Audio, Composite Video, USB 2/3 Extensions)
    - Specially made E46 7" Touchscreen Bezel (from srcstc)

    - Alpine CDA-105 Head Unit
    - Power Acoustik 2200w (900w RMS) 2-Channel Amp
    - Pioneer Premier 1000w RMS Subwoofer (Blown)

    Still Needed:

    - Touchscreen
    - 10" Subwoofer
    - WiFi Module (Bear Extender)
    - Bluetooth Module
    - GPS Module
    - Steering Wheel Control Module (JoyConEX)
    - WD Passport Dock
    - Rear View Camera

    The only work I've done inside the car is to install the new head unit in the glove box. Outside of the car I've assembled and partially configured the system. The PC will be installed in the trunk where the OEM CD changer would normally go, with the touchscreen up front and the head unit in the glove box. The subwoofer will be integrated into the rear deck to put the bass in the passenger compartment. Down the road the component speakers will be upgraded along with the tweeters. The external hard drive will be docked horizontally inside of the armrest. This will make it easily accessible (to load media) and centrally located, so it will absorb the least amount of shock from bumps.

    Overall, I have done a lot of planning and I hope to have a very clean installation. Today my brother and I installed the head unit. This involved extending the harness, so it will reach the glove box and cutting a hole in the rear of the glove box. Cutting the hole actually took much longer than expected as it was very thick and tough plastic. Without further ado, here are some pictures. The final setup will not have the head unit just sitting in there, it will be covered, screwed in and reupholstered to match the glove box.







    Wire ran:
    Stock HU location

    Temporary Setup:
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    Nice list of parts.

    Lot of work (or is that fun) ahead. Iím surprised at the amount time consumed on these things, but as they finally come together it sort of justifies the journey.

    Donít forget to allow some means of getting fresh air into the trunk on really hot days and long drives. Intake and extract air paths to/from the pc need to be separated by some distance. Sure you knew that already but now is ideal the time to plan for it.

    Look forward to watching the progress.
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      Fresh Air

      I just kind of figured there would be enough fresh air in there for the little PC. After thinking about the 2 Amps in there as well, I might just have to setup some sort of system. Maybe I'll put one or two 120mm fans on my rear deck if it becomes a real problem. Thanks for your input though. That's why I like posting stuff online because with so many eyes on one project, it's harder to overlook fine details.