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1984 Landcruiser MP3 Car Computer

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  • 1984 Landcruiser MP3 Car Computer

    I'm setting up my Landcruiser for some long roadtrips. I want tunes.
    • Headunit - Jensen JHD1620B AM/FM/Weatherband radio
    • Amp - JL XD700/5
    • Aura Whisper wideband drivers (front doors)
    • Dayton RS150 6" woofers (front doors)
    • Dayton Neo 10" subwoofer (driver's rear quarter panel)

    I have around 200GB of MP3s which I plan to load up on an HP 12" laptop. The laptop will run centrafuse or something TBD. For user input, I'll use a 7" touchscreen. Right now I am looking at the Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV but I have no idea how I'll mount it to the dash. It needs to be removable so I can stash it when parked.

    Perhaps something like this? I need ideas.
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    Here's a pic of the dash. I have a 40/60 split bench so I can't put a tall console there without swapping out the passenger seat.
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      MMmmm 60 series
      Might be easiest just to stick it on top of the dash next to your gauges....


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        That's my thought right now - but I'm worried about how tall it will be once mounted. I don't want it to obstruct my view too much. I saw one where somebody mounted it in his 80 using the front of the dash and some drywall spread anchors to hold it in place.

        I am not looking forward to taking the dash apart though. Maybe it won't be too bad.


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          Here's the other install I mentioned:


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            Yeah something like that could also work..
            Do you have a spare dash in case it gets messed up..?
            Toyota dashes usually come apart pretty easy..
            A gregory's manual helps
            You might also find that there is some space under the top somewhere so you could sink the screen into the top a bit..?