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2000 BMW 740iL (E38) Orientblue Metallic

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  • 2000 BMW 740iL (E38) Orientblue Metallic

    I have only just begun researching the car pc i want to set up in my BMW. As the factory system is completely dead (Radio, Nav, CD changer, and main screen) no longer works, I was considering an Alpine INA-900BT, but have (thanks mostly to this forum) decided to go the car PC route.

    Item 1: removed CD Changer, Factory Radio, and Factory Amp. (All in trunk)
    Item 2: disassembled dash unit (double din)
    Item 3: began testing front ends on my old (and available) laptop (Dell Inspiron 5100)
    Pentium 4 2.66 Ghz, 768 MB Ram, 30 gig HD
    If anyone has guessed, I am an extreme noob, and will be lurking and posting as i learn. I intend to mount the Dell in the space occupied by the items listed in Item 1, and will purchases the largest Lilliput touch screen (7 inch so far) in the dash space, and will most likely need to customize a bezel for an OEM look.

    Suggestions are WELCOMED! Cash is definitely limited, but hours are not! Thanks!