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2008 Honda Accord Coupe (Lots of Pics)

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  • 2008 Honda Accord Coupe (Lots of Pics)

    Updated 8/10/11
    Photobucket Link for more photos

    Well here are the first set of sound deadening pics. More install to come with time. Hoping to have the interior back in my car this week.

    Car: 2008 Honda Accord Couple LX-S
    Front mid: Seas Lotus Reference 6.5
    Front Tweeter: Seas Lotus Reference
    Rear Mid: None
    Sub: 1 Polk Sr-12
    Mono: JL HD750/1
    Front Comp Bi-amp: JL HD600/4
    Sound Processor: JBL MS-8 (Will most likely buy a RF 360.3 when released (has optical input))
    Sound Dampening: Second Skin (Deamplifier, MLV, and CCF)
    Wire: All Knuconceptz
    Head unit: NONE! EVERY head unit I have found has failed to meet my needs.

    My requirements in a head unit (CarPC):
    -Bluetooth (Ideally work with the latest technology - Pull contacts off phone automatically / streaming / )
    -RV camera
    -Works with Zune Pass media
    -Complete hand-free model for all controls (Something like Dragon Natural- 100% may be unrealistic but best viable options)
    -Most likely Dual monitor (1 non-touch screen led 7 with RV camera in / 1 touch screen led 7 for all controls)
    -Radio/HD Radio (not a priority but will probably add)
    -FAST!!! Lag annoys the hell out of me and is 90% of the reason I am looking for a Carputer instead of a head unit
    -Wifi Capable (This will just be a USB plug-in for when necessary)
    -SS Harddrive for OS and programs
    -Seamless interfacing with the RF360.3s new computer EQ program (not released yet but if one interface works better w/ program in program this would help)
    -Ideally not over 250 watts for the computer

    CarPC Specs -

    Part || Name
    MoBo - ASUS P8H67-I DELUXE (REV 3.0) - HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Mobo
    CPU - Intel Core i5-2405S Sandy Bridge 2.5GHz 65W Quad-Core
    RAM - Crucial CT25664BC1067 2GB 204-PIN PC3-8500 SODIMM DDR3
    SSD(OS) - Crucial 128 GB m4 SATA 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive CT128M4SSD2
    PSU - M4-ATX-HV 250W Intelligent DC DC PSU Power Supply Unit 6-34V Input
    Case - Morex 5689 Locking Mini-ITX Case With 60W PSU

    Monitor - Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV High Brightness
    Monitor PSU - Carnetix CNX-P5V 15 Watt +5V Regulator
    Backup Camera - Sony XA-R800C Rear View Camera


    Rear Deck


    Trunk Lid Deadened Polyfilled and Foamed

    Trunk Lid Deadened Polyfilled and Foamed

    Base Door

    Deamplifier start

    Upgraded Speaker Wire

    CCF over Deadner (Fully covered)

    Trunk Lid
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    Cool. Thanks for the pics. Can't wait to see more. In my last car I also stuffed polyfill in the trunk lid pockets in addition to the dynomat. So what are you plans for the PC after you get the audio setup?
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      Sorry for the delay, have been out of town and/or working a ton over the last month. My current intent is to have the computer be the storage and interface tool for media. I also plan to have bluetooth streaming pandora, possible wireless phone tether -> wifi, backup camera, ?navi?(not too happy with most of the PC navis, so will prob have a separate device). Eventually if the 360.3 comes out and is up to expectations, the PC will act as the interface to their parametric EQ.

      After initial is done, I would like to have a full voice command setup so that everything can be hands free. Cops here are getting worse about using devices while driving and a couple tickets will pay for the computer lol.

      Essentially, my end goal is the have the PC work as a flagship HU, but not suck and have the features I want. Cant stand the thought of paying for ipod integration and whatnot when I dont have or want one. And most top end HUs with everything tend to lack in performance.

      As for an update, I have not done anything since these pics were posted except for ordering my PC last night. Hopefully that will get here early next week and I can start setting it up in home.


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        8/10/11 Update:

        Finally had almost all the PC components arrive. Installed W7 Ult 32 in 18 minutes . Currently cold boot takes 25 seconds. Trying to reduce that a bit more. Also, current CPU usage is 0-2% and memory usage was 2-4% without RR running.

        I installed RR with Elite skin. still playing around with a few settings and need to grab plugins. Overall very pleased...The PC part was a million times easier than install. Im finally just giving up for now and going to do a false floor this weekend. I was trying to rig up several different things to give more space, but at this point I just want to be done for now.

        Currently only waiting on the monitor, space navigator, and speakers.
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          Updated the top and edited post above.

          Just FYI. INTEL STOCK HEATSINK WILL NOT FIT IN THE Morex 5689. Also, moving the SSD to the other side buys you a little more space for the heatsink.


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            Woot speakers finally in country!!! Should have them next week. Also, cold boot time down to 18 seconds. Goal was 15 secs, Ill see if I can strip any more. Goals for this weekend are sub box and false floor complete. Hopefully start getting the interior back in.


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              Note: Added a photobucket link to the top of the first post incase anyone wants to see more pics and so I dont have to keep updating first post.

              So it rained this weekend, so put a damper on my install. I was able to install the backup camera. I made a custom mount for it so that I didn't have to drill into the bumper and could mount the camera closer to the center.

              Got the new speakers in tonight. Went with the Seas Lotus Reference mids and tweeters since I got a good deal.

              Pics of the computer on test bench

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                WOW! That is the neatest test bench I have ever seen. Most people have about 200lbs of cables there.
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                  This thread makes me realize I need a dedicated camera. No pics this week as my phone was dead during the build. I cut the amp rack and sub box as well as install LED reverse lights and tested the rear view camera. Going to the beach this weekend so will be working on detailing the car instead. Taking off work next thursday and friday so hopefully have the boxes built components in and be doing real environment testing. Then the following weekend, get the car back to 1 piece lol. My overall deadline is Sept 19.


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                    So I took off work thursday and friday to get as much done as possible and it was an incredibly productive weekend. I have pics I will be getting off the parents camera next weekend. I for the FIRST TIME IN 2 MONTHS, have seats and the rest of the interior back in the car. I fully deadened the cab and roof, ran one 0 gauge run and one 4 gauge run into the engine bay, ran all wires from the trunk to the dash, and reinstalled the interior.

                    Couple things to note, SSA luxury liner pro makes carpets VERY hard to install tight. I was able to get the front smooth, but the rear needs redone. Also, when running signal wires back to front (installed under rear seat->rear carpet->center console->dash) Make sure that you have all wires there first lol. So I put down 2 USB extentions, HDMI, and one other then realized I had another USB that needed run... So I ran it, then realized I forgot the remotes...then...then....... So 9 million zip ties later, all wires are in place.

                    Driving home Sunday for a wedding I turned off the AC and radio and was slightly disappointed by the amount of road noise I was still hearing. I still have a bit of deadening to do in the doors, dash, and wheel wells and a bad bearing to replace, but I was expecting better results. Then I turned the radio up to my normal listening volume and realized I had the volume set to 7. When I started this effort before any deadening, I had the same perceived output at 16. WOW.

                    I will see if I can get the pics emailed to me, if not they will definitely be up by next weekend. Overall goal is the get the speakers, monitor, and computer installed at a minimum this weekend. Then after that finish the sub. My goal is at least a working system without sub by AFKfest (9/24).


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                      Ok, here are the pics from the last 3 weeks. As always, there are way more picks on the photobucket link up top if desired. Would like the thank all the guys at AFKfest last weekend for answering what I think(and hope) were my last few questions. Next few weeks are crazy, but really hoping for sound(comps only) w/in 2 weeks. Then I will glass the sub box after.

                      Base for amp/cpu rack

                      All wires stealthed under center console

                      The routed to passenger seat floor untill next weekend

                      Drivers seat floor re-carpeted

                      LuxuryLiner Pro under the drivers side

                      Big 3(More to come)

                      Center console foamed

                      Running wires and rear seat deadner


                      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Initial wire run before i realized i was forgetting everything...9,000,000 zipties later above.

                      Under foam and MLV
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                        So its been a while. I am much closer to finished and have a lot of pics to post tonight. Couple things to note: Just got a "new case" in yesterday. I am going to move my Asus Xonar STX from my desktop to my carPC. Just ordered a Fusion Brain and sensors, so hopefully will have that soonish. My goal is to fit everything 100% inside the case, including the M4-atx. I will be using "terminal strips" to connect all wires neatly to the back.

                        The FB will be based out of the 3.5 HDD bay and the power supply will be emptied for the M4.

                        Also, for those anti 64-bit, UEFI is only compatible with 64bit Windows Vista and 7. I should have researched this more, but slightly disappointed i cant get my cold boot time faster than 16.5 seconds (6.5 for windows 7 and 10 for bios). Installed UEFI/Win7 64 and with some minor tweaking hit 18 seconds. If I took the extra time I put into the initial install, I think I could have broken that. But, back to 32 bit we go.
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                          Im missing pics of the mids installed, LCD, new case...... Will snap some this weekend. As per usual, if you want more pics, they are located here ""

                          New Battery

                          Tweeter wire

                          Tweeter Mounted

                          Mid Wires Prepped

                          Amp Rack

                          Amp Rack Fits tight with no assistance, but added some doormat for extra traction

                          JL HD750/1 Mounted (All power / Speaker / Remote wires run in between the base and the upper board. The half drilled holes are where the botls go to connect the top and bottom of the amp rack)

                          MS-8 Mounted

                          Wires to Dash

                          Mic, Spare USB, On/Off switch, and bass knob

                          I believe the mic should work like this, if there are problems, I will have to change the design. Perks of this design are I can see the bottom of the mic when door is open, but everything looks stock when closed. Also, with the mis having the sides covered, it should reduce outside noise.
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                            Started taking apart the new computer case and snapped a few pics.

                            Size comparison

                            Shell off


                            PSU Removed

                            After having it opened, I have changed some of my plans for it. My SSD will go in the front most 2.5" bay. The 3.5" bay will have part of the top removed and the FB will mount there. Still determining if I want to use the PSU case or build my own (The current PSU is larger than I expected). I will most likely dremel the back and mount the FB Mini Relay board there when its released. Power/ground/remote cables tbd. Given the Xonar STX will be in the center of the rack, I need to figure out a way to introduce the least interference.
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                              So didn't really do much in December, but started back up last weekend. Currently, the computer is working great for music and web browsing, however some of the plug-ins aren't working. Also, having a hell of a time getting bluetooth to work right. Whenever I try to have anything but the Asus software access BT, the BT wont start. Also, the pairing of the signal seems kind of weak. Also, lost some work that I had to redo it b/c when I updated the BIOS, it unmapped my SSD and I rolled back Windows trying to figure out what it was...

                              Have my dash pretty much complete and received the missing screws this weekend to put it back together. Currently have Audials Tunebite stripping the DRM from my Zune media to reduce collisions in the car environment and not using Zune media player (ETA 4 days...............). Did a redesign on the new case and think I figured out a way to neatly handle all components and some. If you all think there will be huge interference from the power supply let me know.

                              Here are a few pics.

                              RR running successfully

                              Case design

                              I will have a 6 pin and an 8 pin connector going through a rubber grommet. These will lead to external sensors for the fusion brain (current sensor, thermometer, photo sensor). Also, the scratch marks you see on below the "80 plus" sticker will be the cutout where the FB mini relay board will be mounted. These modifications will allow quick and easy removal and attachment of the computer as needed.

                              New test bench...friend borrowed the long folding tables. I NEED MORE SPACE

                              Center Console (All wires ziptied in foam to stop vibrations)

                              Ingenious quick disconnect system for the remote line. Had some spare banana plugs laying around. battery -> switch -> remote back. Plugs are locking and wrapped for protection. I think I am going to do the same for monitor power.

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