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2003 Cadillac CTS Carputer

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  • 2003 Cadillac CTS Carputer

    So, I got a "new" car and I debated back and forth whether going with aftermarket navigation again (had Pioneer X920BT previously) or building a carputer. Clearly, since I'm here, I chose the latter.

    The car I will be working on is a 2003 Cadillac CTS. I purchased this recently with 36k miles, and love everything about it except the interior. Unfortunately, with a lot of post-2000 GM cars, a lot of the cars computers are run straight through the radio.

    My plan is generally simple, and I'm giving myself plenty of time to do it as the interior modifications will make or break the entire project. My first step is going to be to put an aftermarket CD player in the place of the current ashtray/cigarette lighter. This will give me immediate iPod functionality and have something to run the audio of my carputer through. The stock radio/amp are tough to integrate directly to the carputer and I am not enough of audiophile to justify upgrading the entire system.

    I plan on eventually replacing the entire radio/cd player/driver information center (DIC) with a 10.1" Lilliput touchscreen monitor. I am going to house the computer in the trunk, but am not really sure which direction I am going to take the build yet.

    Currently I am in the process of finding all new dash pieces off eBay and shopping for the CD player. I want to maintain all of my original radio, dash, etc.

    I have installed several systems/radios and built a dozen or so desktops, but this will be my first carputer. My biggest area of concern is the power situation with carputers. Any advice/feedback is much appreciated.

    Attached are pictures of my car, the blah GM-ey interior, and my interior goal (very, very rough haha).. Thanks!!!
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