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05 Mazda 6 Elane's new Brain.

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  • 05 Mazda 6 Elane's new Brain.

    Just got done ordering all the parts I need to finally start my project.

    This should make people laugh. So I'm using a full atx motherboard from my last computer desktop which has a 4600+ AMD dual core processor with 2gb's of ram with a built in chipset 7800GT nvidia onboard GPU. Well no small cases are availible for the amount I wanna spend. I can't afford fiberglass and/or I've never did it before (want to learn but I don't have the money to spare). SO at work I found a cardboard box =] a perfect fitting glove for my motherboard and all the accessories needed inside. I'll post some pics of my new "CBcase". Its really sturdy. I'm using duct tape to secure the sides. Screw reinforcements like washers (but ducttape IMHO works better because it grips. When washers still can slide and tear the cardboard.).

    Also for the case I'm going to buy some a can of spray paint that has a rough texture to it. That way you can't see or tell that ducttape or anytype of tape is strengthening the sides of the CBcase.

    Hdd is mounted with normal case screws and I will be using vector fans (80-115 CFM) for my case which will be more than enough cooling needed for the Box; yes vector fans may be loud but when the PC is in the trunk how would you even hear it over the music, road noise, and the back seat.

    The last bit for the main computer settup for the trunk is a bed of air I want to make for the computer to sit on to cancle out vibrations and other movements made by the car.

    Now what this thread will mainly be about is the making of the dash unit for the 7" LCD screen.

    I will take some pictures eeither today or tomorrow and post them up for everyone to see =] this build is completely from scratch and made from household items lol. So if anyone has a imagination you can figure anything out =D

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    Decided to get rid of the crappy cardboard box, I went to Walmart and picked up a perfect size plastic box for my PC. Now to wait for the hardware store to open up so I can buy the bolts I need to secure everything Down.

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