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Custom Carpc Case #2

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  • Custom Carpc Case #2

    I've always had an affinity for custom cases, not sure why. While the effort required to get a pre-fab case is much easier, none of the ones on the market really fit my requirements.

    It needs to fit:
    * Opus 90W PSU
    * Standard 5.25" IDE HD
    * Mini ITX Board
    * DR GPS Receiver with external antenna (more on this later)

    This basically started out life as a flat sheet of aluminum. 3003-H14 aluminum Sheet .040" x 18" x 48". The very large pieces were first cut at the place that I bought them from (just a few sheer cuts), the remainder I cut on a bandsaw at home. The bending was done on a small bending brake that I used on my first case build. The motherboard plate cutout was done by hand with a dremel (not that fun). The edges were then filed down with a metal file.

    The two edges that stick out on the bottom are used for mounting the case in the car (holes yet to be drilled).

    The following is yet to be done:
    * Tap holes for motherboard standoffs.
    * Drill holes to mount PSU and HD.
    * Cut out rectangular openings for panel-mount connectors (bought new Molex connectors that will let me connect the LCD power and other wires with nice quick-disconnect connectors). Small rectangular openings will be done by drilling lots of small holes, then using needle files to shape them.
    * Either cut out a 40mm hole for a fan and place a grill over the opening or make lots of small holes for a more aesthetically pleasing setup.
    * Drill holes in top cover and tap holes in the support bars on the main portion of the case.

    In case you are wondering why the side sections are not full height, it is because they are only used to stabilize the sides and will be used as an anchor for the top cover (which looks like the letter C).