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2Din Nissan Cefiro DH61AG homemade Case

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  • 2Din Nissan Cefiro DH61AG homemade Case

    My goal is to have an all in one carputer in a 2Din homemade case.

    I will get pix up shortly.

    The case so far consists of 4 X 12.7mm (1/2 " ) solid square Aluminum rods 200mm long - although this may change to 180mm. This is to hold all the panels into place.The panels consisting of 2 X 100mmx200mm pieces 2 X 178mmx200mm 1 X 170mmx160mm - This is for a shelf for the DVD drive and 2 X 178mmx108mm.

    On each square rod are holes drilled for the mother board screws with recessed mounting to hold the motherboard at a safe height above the rods.

    The motherboard is a DH61AG with an i3 2100T CPU, 2 X 2GB memory sticks @ 1333Mhz and mSATA hard drive 64GB.

    I have also installed a half height BT/WiFi card and an Avermedia A306 tuner with PCI-e to mPCI adapter.

    Power supply is a DC-DC USB to supply 19VDC.

    Amplifier is TDA7850 with D/ion.

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    What is D/ion?


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      De ioniser supposed to stop the thump when powering the amplifer


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        Alright. I think you mean de-noiser.


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          You are correct me bad


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            Well after ordering my Mini Touch 700 capacitive display I realized that the build will need to be around very slightly higher than 2 din to accommodate the DVD drive by about 5 to 10 mm. ( still yet to purchase the drive ) .
            It looks like I should be able to power the monitor from the FPT_BRT connector but still looking for a solution to the DVI port, Ideally a small low profile connector where you can have the cable exiting at either the top or bottom there are only 8 wires needed. I have found 1 but it is designed for PCB mounting and does not have a external casing.