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Bybyte double din All-in-one; Subaru

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  • Bybyte double din All-in-one; Subaru

    Okay so I just can't stay away. After selling all my partially compete stuff I went ahead and bought new to try again.

    I've given up on the fold out radio/monitors (previously the xenarc mdt-x7000).

    And replaced it with this:

    bybyte with mini-touch 700

    via p-830 with dual mini-pcie card slot daughter board.

    intel SSD (so I can run win XP)

    directed HD radio and the mitch JS cable

    tda7805 amplifier with de-noiser circuit.

    I'm leaning towards the DC-DC usb because it's scriptable and i can use v-aux as the remote turn on for the amp.
    Also next paycheck will be the new intel b/g/n bluetooth adapter.
    Putting it all together will be a bear, biggest PITA will be finding the proprietary connectors these jokers used.
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    ByByte's 2nd generation box with the monitor pre-installed looks hella nice!

    If you find that Via mobo isn't giving you enough performance, you can try getting Zotac ad10 plus (a small SFF all-in-one, similar to the one I used, only more powerful), getting it out of the case and trying to install that. I was always curious how the performance of those boards compare to dual core Atoms and Zacate processors
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      Really interested in seeing how you go with the P830.
      I have one of the original Pico boards and I am in 2 minds about needing an upgrade.
      Will be watching your progress.
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        Very interested in how the VIA board works out for you too. What front end are you planning to run with it? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          Ah sorry for not posting pics. The boards are installed. I need to do a quick write up for everyone.

          Big notes with the p830, you have to purchase (and then return ) the 300$ molex .2mm pin crimper for those pins. Even then I still have a little noise in my vga lines.

          The DC-DC is the only power supply which will fit, and they're assholes. You can't invert the amplifier anti thump and they won't do a quick code update for it.

          The via board usb pin specifications are incorrect, pin 15 on the usb does NOT supply +5. Bloody tossers