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2009 C6 Z06 Corvette - CarPC project

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  • 2009 C6 Z06 Corvette - CarPC project

    Well, I started on the conversion today.
    I removed the center console trim bezel and pulled the 2-DIN Radio w/ 6 CD changer out. Took measurements of the housing and control head, I was easily able to separate the control face plate from the case.

    I'll be modeling the control head and dash area in Pro-E so when I get the Lilliput 7" display and motherboard I can see what I need to do to make it fit.
    One of the thing I noticed was that behind the radio case/housing there is a molded plastic bracket to support the rear of the case, removing this will create a lot more room. Also, on the right side of the 2-DIN opening going to the passenger glove box area there is a LOT of Extra room. I measured the mini-ITX foot print, and feel I can make a custom case to fit behind the dash. It looks like the front radio bracket and trim piece can be used to interface with a custom case.

    I also measured the stowage bin on the rear driver side, it is about big enough to hold a computer case, but it is actually smaller then the area I have to work with behind the dash. The only advantage I have to that spot is that the battery is back there. (not much of an advantage).
    So I'm going to wait till the parts get here, build the system and then test the system integration before installing it into the car. I've got a little machine shop, so I should be able to fab a custom case that packages behind the dash nice and neat.
    I've already made changes to the parts I listed in an earlier thread like the case and pre-installed 7" display. I've taken enough laptops apart so I should be able to figure this out.
    I also ordered the connectors and terminals (I have the right crimpers too) to plug into the car's harness and all the terminals. I'll be making a custom harness to allow the PC to plug straight into the car's harness without cutting any circuit.

    If anybody has CAD models of the Lilliput 7" display(s) or of the Corvette face plate please PM me.

    Can't wait for the boxes from Newegg and MP3CAR to arrive!

    System components I’ve bought so far:
    Intel mini-ITX LGA 1155 Motherboard
    Intel Core i3-2120T Sandy Bridge 2.6GHz LGA 1155 35W
    CORSAIR XMS3 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
    Crucial 2.5" 64GB SATA III SSD
    Seagate Barracuda Green Internal 1.5TB HD
    Lenovo Wireless Mini Keyboard
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
    WiFi: TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless Adapter
    Miniature Class 2 Bluetooth Dongle
    Blue GM-2 USB GPS Receiver
    M4-ATX-HV 250W Intelligent DC DC PSU Power Supply
    Mini-Box SFX / ATX enclosure for M4-ATX
    HD Connect Car Radio
    HD Radio PC Interface

    7" Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB

    Will buy after I get the basic system up and running:
    Centrafuse Auto 4.0
    ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth
    The old CD changer and radio board:
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    Well the first mod I wanted to make was thwarted by getting the wrong part shipped to me. The Z06 comes with air operated dual mod exhausts. The air is controlled by a module, which if it fails opens the exhaust bypass. The way it operates normally, is if the engine ECU sees more then 50% throttle and over 3000RPM the bypass is opened. Yes it is noticable and yes it is loud. It also provides a few extra horses.
    So the fuse that protects the exhaust controller is a 10A fuse. If you pull the fuse, the exhaust is open. So I wanted to install the CBL-115 (MTS100) single channel remote relay. What I got instead was the CBL-109 (MTS200), a dual channel remote relay.

    Well, the MTS100 has a 10A 12VDC rated relay, the MTS 200 has (2) 3A 12VDC rated relays. You can get the MTS200 to latch both relays together, but I'd rather keep the system rated at 10A without having to run parallel through (2) 3A rated relays.

    The idea is I can use the remote to open/close up the exhaust bypass with the remote.


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      Anyone use one of these on a GM resistive steering wheel controls?


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        looks like a good start!

        i have seen a couple people say they are using that steering wheel button adapter, though really don't remember any specific details of who..
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        carpc undecided


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          Got the basic computer parts put together in my office. Bench testing it inside a temporary case and monitor.
          Still waiting for the 669, power supply, GPS antenna and HD radio to come.
          System started right up, installed Windows 7 64 bit.
          Also, played with RideRunner, will probably spring for Centrafuse.

          Man are SSD's fast.

          Also, a fellow C6 vette owner gave me his 2 DIN radio as a donor for my project! Even paid for free shipping!


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            Well after getting the basic system up and running, I downloaded and installed Centrafuse 4.0 NAV (30 trial). I'm running running it along with Ride Runner; comparing the two side by side.

            Also, I installed a WD Black, 2.0Tb hard drive as the second hard drive. Loaded a bunch of music files to a folder and video files to another folder. The second hard drive will be mounted to a bracket behind the dash, as stiff as the suspension is I hope it survives. It will just hold media.

            After loading in media files I thought Centrafuse took way too long to read my media files and then it didn't display the album artwork, nor artist nor any song info...

            After bench testing I'll be modify the donor radio head unit. The motherboard has plenty of room behind the dash, I need to slightly modify the standard radio case to allow it to accept the MINI-ITX motherboard and provide for a way to fasten the motherboard to the case.

            I ordered Joycon EX and will report how hard it is to get the steering wheel functions to work with Chevy's standard wheel. Chevy uses the same steering wheel on all their cars. Yep you buy a $$$ car and get the same wheel as the entry model.

            So far the boot times with the i3 core, 8G and the SSD are FAST! No bloat ware, however, updating Windows 7 after install took forever. I need to get a USB DVD drive, I had to remove the DVD drive from my server temporarily to load software.

            Also, anyone here run Window's Streets & Trips instead of the Centrafuse NAV software?
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              I received the 669 monitor today.
              First, the drivers were a PITA to find on line. The link in the Sticky goes to a bad site.
              I got it to work, amazing little device.

              I didn't order the version with the back up input, however this device had it. And it works!

              I took the device apart to see how it will fit into my bezel, well its not 2-DIN size, it's pretty small compared to the opening I have. Think I should order an 8" model?

              Hope to post some pictures of the set up tomorrow.


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                The CF nav software is outdated and very poor. You can use different mapping software, there is a plugin or 2 available to integrate Garmin Mobile PC but it has been cancelled and copies of it are hard to find.

                I suggest you do some reading on the CF forums for other ideas of possible nav software as well as read about the media libarary, bluetooth and video limitations just so you are clear on what to expect if you buy it.
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