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1990 Lexus LS400 (JDM Toyota Celsior)

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  • 1990 Lexus LS400 (JDM Toyota Celsior)

    The Car;
    1990 Toyota Celsior C-Spec with F Package(Lexus LS400)

    1UZ-FE 4L V8 - 191Kw
    A341E 4 speed automatic transmission


    Power Adjust Seats (all seats)
    Heated Rear Seats
    Rear Seat massarger
    Air suspension
    Rear air conditioning
    Rear stereo control
    Power Windows
    Central Locking
    Cruise Control
    Power adjust steering wheel
    Power adjust seat-belt height
    Front Spoiler
    Traction Control


    18x8 Blest Bahnsport Type D
    Air suspension control

    The PC;

    7in 800x600 Touchscreen LCD

    Foxconn H67S Mini ITX Board
    Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz
    KingMax ValueRAM 4GB DDR3

    Huawai USB HSDPA Modem
    Netgear USB WiFi 802.11N Radio
    Generic USB Bluetooth 2.1 Radio
    PicoPSU 60W 12v (Will probably change to 160W M2-ATX)

    The Audio;

    Eclipse 6.5in Splits (front door)
    JVC 4in Coaxials (rear door)
    Eclipse 12in Subwoofer

    Eclipse XA1000 Amp
    some random china brand 4ch amp (to be upgraded...)

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    Stage 1 - Building the display surround.

    The LCD came with what was called a 'headreast mounting kit' This is just a black plastic bezel that the LCD clipped in to.

    I had previously purchased a double-din surround kit to use with a standard single din head unit in the car, so i figured combining the two would be a good idea...

    I spit the double din kit in half and glued the sides to the LCD bezel. I then fiberglassed the ash tray to the bottom, after modifying it to fit around the LCD bezel.

    Just so you have an idea, here is the stock interior of a LS400

    and here is my display area taking shape;

    I thought it was finished and ready for paint, however after painting, I noticed some blemishes and low parts. so I re-bogged them

    Tonight I will sand the sections back and re-paint it.


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      Stage Two - The PC Enclosure.

      I plan to house the PC inside of the factory CD changer housing. The CD changer that came with the car would only work with the stock head unit, and mine never even worked with that anyway.

      Here is an example of how it sits, its the black box on the right hand side of the trunk

      So I removed it yesterday to see if it would fit a mini itx board inside... Thankfully it does, with about 15mm on either side, and maybe 150mm front and back, plenty of room for a PSU and Hard disk, as well as any usb devices I wish to hide in there.

      Here is a picture of the gutted case


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        Really nice car and should be fun to work on, looking forward to seeing how your build progresses. Nice spot for that PC as well, have you planned for any venting of heat from the boot on stinking hot days or possibly getting some cabin air via a small intake to the PC? Always worth thinking about in the early stages before its set in stone.
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          Good point. I will throw an 80mm fan in the side of the CD changer case. The boot itself has part of the rear airconditioning system in it, so I could duct in to that, or there is a 'air intake' underneath the cd changer box that I could also tap in to.

          Tonight I finished sanding back the bog ready for paint again. Will post pics later


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            I finished off the centre console.

            You can see it here in action (with my temporary laptop connected in the boot)

            The boot still isnt complete, as you can see there is a lot of cleaning up and wiring to be done;


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              turns out my picopsu had died after sitting in the bottom of a box of crap. so I bought a M2-ATX.

              Going to fit it to my case tonight and see how it goes.