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Suzuki Swift 1.6 sport 2009 - Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab build

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  • Suzuki Swift 1.6 sport 2009 - Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab build

    Wel as some people will know my older time consuming never ending project the cameleon opel corsa c i now have a Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport from 2009.
    Missed my Carpc allot but i just did not wanted the hassle anymore with the cables and to hide a computer somewere.
    So i took the step and bought a Samsung galaxy tab.

    I have used Android on my htc phone for a while and it was pretty fast , almost didnt crash.
    has/does everything i want except AV-in.

    So i first planned to make a motorized dash panel like some guys on youtube have made to put there ipad in.
    Ordered some parts even the actuator but when the tablet arrived (bargain btw with lots of extra's) i kept it on my double din dash panel.
    and the first thoughts were, hmm lets see , take this part out and the top part maybe it fits

    And now its allready done, i slide it in to the top first then a little bit pushing and slide it down to lock and done
    this took me 15 minutes to fix ahha, thats something else compared to my old fiberglass dashbord that took me allmost a year to finish.

    I also need to rebuild the audio system but as it looks like i am not going to put both 12" subs in the rear booth because of the weight and i would like to try to keep some more space this time in my car
    lets see how that goes haha

    Here some pics from the double din dash piece

    Also made a little opening on the right for the power connecter and bought on ebay a cheap cable with usb for the pwer and AV/Audio out cinch for a few dollars.
    but the plan is to stream the audio by the bluetooth a2dp mode , no idea how it sounds yet

    Also bought a cheap 13 dollar ODB2 reader for the nice software called Torque thats for android.

    This is just for fun for me, i was hoping i had a transmission oiltemp sensor and oil temp sensor but i gues not,
    the meters arent working when i connect the odb2.

    it is ust for show but seems to work pretty good
    here a movie

    As for the software, i was hoping Centrafuse would come with there's but as i understood correct it won't.
    The "problem" i have is the sleeping mode that the screen turns black, i have to press the power button once then the screen lights up again.
    i can use the slider to unlock and its all good.

    Found software called Carhome, this app does keep the screen on and not turn black.
    you have empty icons that you can link to software that you want to use in your car.
    i have for example an audio player/sygic navigation and some others.

    When i go to the audio player its all ok if i forget to switch back to car home and leave the mp3 player screen for a few sec it goes to lock again.
    have to find a solution for this , maybe i do not explain it clear enough,.

    So next updates will be me building the audio again in the car,
    adding some sound damping material like the old car.
    and find a ncie place for my new not yet ordered alpine head unit
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    You traitor!!!!!!!! You went to a tablet??????????? Its cool, to each his own.... Looking good though!
    Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

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    4X MK808b
    3x Perixx Touchpads
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    1X 7 inch motorized Screen
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      Originally posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
      You traitor!!!!!!!! You went to a tablet??????????? Its cool, to each his own.... Looking good though!
      haha i know

      shame on me right

      but as i said i do not want to go into all the hassle as ivehad before.
      i did liked it to make back then but i do not have the time anymore now with my company.

      its to time consuming
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        You dont have to explain, I understand. I work a lot too, and as you can see, im hitting year number 4 on my install, lol. I wanted a very unique system and tablets currently do not do it for me yet.
        Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

        1X Ainol Novo Flame Tab
        4X MK808b
        3x Perixx Touchpads
        3x 7 inch Screens
        1X 7 inch motorized Screen
        1x Win 7 PC


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          thanks sir
          swift is my faviort car this is very beutiful car of the session.
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            Ok well its been a while ago again but in the mean time i have gotten somewhere with my project.
            As some of you are used to are the many pictures i make
            so quit the talking and here are the pics.

            rca for if streaming by a2dp isnt a good quality


            dvb-t antenna

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Foto-BO88ITMJ.jpg
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            little space for what i want to do

            so removed the door

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              allot of water coming in so must make something to cover the speakers

              testing led strip

              nice, 3 year old care and allready rust inside the door.....

              deze komt er weer in

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                lasercutted a sort of adapter / fitting

                because xenon peaks for a few seconds about 15-25 A ive used my own wires instead of the thin wires from the car itself

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                  welded a holder with a old piece of bumper from the same materials ive had laying around

                  and for fun

                  And then i drove my car into the garage, touched a door handle and boom :S

                  so i need to buy a new front fender and then respray in silver.....

                  But the building continues

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                    making a new subwoofer enclosure, and only 1 sub this time but that would be enough.

                    also made some speaker rings from HDPE

                    and my order was deliverd

                    Alpine CDA-117Ri
                    KCE 400Bt

                    ook de dempingsmatten binnen gekregen

                    flink aan het plakken geslagen

                    ringen klaar gemaakt voor de speakers

                    beetje een rommel hokje maar hier gebeurd het

                    spot for the filters

                    and a set of headlights to make something nice from

                    and finally this weekend a little sound test if the subwoofer was working ok in his new housing.

                    Will make more pics and a good video how and what with the tablet in the dashbord,
                    and A2DP bluetooth streaming is not as i'd expected.
                    The audio quality is not great if you ask me, if you compare the same mp3 file from usb stick and switch over to streaming from phone you hear a difference.
                    Kinda annoys me.

                    Also used a steering wheel adapter kit so i can control the volume from my steer
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                      Not really carputer related , well maybe a bit because the software is altered from the car's computer itself but i thought i'd share it here.

                      I have fitted the 4-2-1 manifold last thursday and it was raining like hell but after i was soaking wet i thought ah well it has to work otherwise i can't go to work tomorrow.
                      Finally after 2 hours i got it under the car and it allready made some more sound and it felt like it had more power.
                      Also had to make the cable a little longer for the lamba sensor.

                      And friday i drove to belgium to let the company mbpower do the rest
                      Rear muffler

                      i am still waiting on the mail with the graphic of the dyno result but it went from 125hp to 141.5 if i understood correct.

                      And ive discovered windows moviemaker so i made some short vids

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                        Also the fun is for a short while because i am allready stopped by the police , got lucky because my old muffler was still on the backseat and with some lies i could get away without a ticket but the original muffler is beneat the car again.
                        This stainless steel one makes to much noise.
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                          Today when i went to the halfords to get a antenna cable and suddenly when i was just about to drive away i almost hit with my head on the weel because it suddenly stopped again inch:

                          car jumped on emergency mode again and i grabbed my camera.
                          also had my odb2 reader in the car to read out the error

                          Also made some preparations for the camera's in the car.
                          placed some Cat 6 Ftp cables.

                          Planning to build a 4 channel D1 recorder into the car
                          Why you ask ? no reason just for fun, it records were i drive , speed,location etc.
                          can come in handy when i have an accident or it also records front back left right when i am parked.
                          Motion detection , so if someone hits my car and decided to drive away i have some proof from it.
                          Don't know how they think of it by law we will see.
                          And if i do not use i maybe find another use for it :silly:

                          place for the recorder

                          wire for rearview camera or something else

                          Wrecked my dash for finding some cables that i needed for the GPS tracker/alarm system

                          relay connected to the interiior lights because the alarm system was confused otherwise with 3Volts on the lines.
                          Then he thought the doors were always open so made this between it.
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                            Here a movie from the nice little function build in the gps tracker :woohoo:

                            The error because of the manifold were i took out the catalyst

                            Also a funny thing, i saw in a store a rearview camera for just, yes just, 99 €

                            I asked if i could see it and hold it for a moment, no problem.
                            I got the box and it seemed pretty familiar ,i ordered once some rearview cameras from ebay.
                            Exactly the same box and type of camera, only big difference is the price lol
                            Here it was 99 € and if you buy it from china ebay its 12 € how about getting screwed over shopping at stores
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                              your fabrication skills are on point!