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1995 BMW 325i Car PC Install "The Dork"

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  • 1995 BMW 325i Car PC Install "The Dork"

    Currently I am at the tail end of an install and decided to post my progress here. As of now I have all of the wiring installed in the car and the old Radio and amp removed. Hopefully this weekend I will get everything else put in and post some more photos. Here are some teasers for now.

    Put a camera in the grill for fun and recording on track days. It is USB and runs back to the hub in the glove box and the gets routed back to the computer in the trunk.

    Lots of work to be done here... need new fogs, new indicators, new windshield and probably a new headliner.

    This is the computer mounted on its MDF box with an FM tuner and a GPS.

    I used some Db25 cable and breakouts in order to send 5 volt TTL signals front to back in order to control several functions of the car.

    This is the control heart of the computer, inverter, power distribution board and relay control board

    Polk audio 660 4 channel amplifier connected to the stock speakers, which I am going to replace fairly soon

    Screen, Lilliput 719, mounted in a bezel I bought on the MP3Car store built for the e36

    Just to give you a general idea of where the wires are coming out in the trunk. lots of wires to play with!

    My power hookup, the ground is the same on the other side of the battery.

    The opening for the screen, with the control box for it.

    The bezel I crafted for the HVAC. I realize it's quite bad, but i will redo it at some point.

    Tearing apart a car really produced a lot of random parts