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  • 2012 Dodge Journey - Carputer

    Hey, so this is my first post/project. Been lurking the forums for years, wanting to get a system installed into one of my cars over the years but just never pulled the trigger. Bought a new car, so I think it's time.

    Searched the forums and haven't seen any Journeys here, so hopefully I do the DJ family a solid with this project. Since I just purchased this vehicle, pretty much all my money went into the down payment. With that said, this project most likely won't take off for a couple of months. Just wanted to get this post started if I had any questions arise or if other Journey owners see this and want to chime in.

    I'll be installing the carPC into my new 2012 Dodge Journey STX.

    Parts list that I've been forming so far(will update this as time goes on):

    Foxconn NTA350-0H0W Mini all-in-one unit
    Patriot Signature 4GB
    Still need to find a touch screen.
    Wiring will be updated as everything is getting installed.

    Things I already own:
    OCZ Agility 3 2.5" 60GB SATA III
    Two Kicker Solo-Baric L7's
    Hifonics TXi 1508D

    The sound system was from my teenager days but have been just left sitting in the garage after I got rid of my Ford Ranger due to tranny problems. I'm quite happy with the Journey as it stands but when I was at the dealership and the Sales rep was trying to get me to get the 8.4" upgrade screen with Nav and what not, I was like, why not? Then I asked how much the upgrade would cost me. 2250! Yeah, needles to say, my very first thought that entered my mind when he said that was "Why don't I just install a carPC." Well that was my second thought..

    I'll be adding photos and A LOT more information in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

    Here are some pictures of the car as it is, no upgrades or mods, right from factory. Theses will server their purpose later on as a comparison.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Org Car.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Org Dash.jpg
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    Close up of the touch screen:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Org close up TS.jpg
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    Bottom storage area:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Org bottom storage.jpg
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    New Ideas

    Alright so after some thought this past week, thinking of changing my original take on how to mount the carPC screen. Attached is my original(badly drawn blueprints) of how I wanted the screen to be mounted. I want to keep this whole project as OEM looking as possible. Pretty much if anyone were to walk by and peek in(which reminds me, need to tint the front windows) they would just think I have a small little radio screen. Then when I enter the car, I would pull out the screen and then move it to the right side of my manufacture 4.3" touch screen and have it along side it.

    Well I am no fabricator and would have no idea how to fab up some type of sliding bracket that could do this. Have it be able to slide the 7"-9" touch screen out, make it turn right ~90 degrees, and then flip up another 90 degrees AND stay in position.

    I went to a local custom A/V shop near by and gave them my ideas on what I want to do. After a lot of "Lets put the screen on the doors, in the rear view mirror, in the ceiling, on the..." They got the point that I don't want this car to look like it came from West Coast Customs and want to keep it looking OEM. The top dog came out and we started looking into dropping the 4.3" touch screen in the car now, to the bottom where I have a large storage bin(right behind the sifter. picture #3 above) and fiberglass it in. This would allow me to have a in dash screen with a much cleaner looking dash. This does go against my OEM looking dash but in a way it doesn't.

    I included a mock up of how it is we were wanting it to look below. The upgraded 8.4" screen that I could of gotten is the screen I used in the picture. Since this car has that upgrade, if I put a screen close to that size into the car, then this gets me back on track with a OEM looking dash. Let me know what you all think. Both on my original idea as well as my new one.

    CarPC and sound system are up next.

    *Sorry about the sideways photos, only way to upload them*
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      How did this turn out?

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