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  • 2010 Scion XD Car Computer Worklog

    Hello all! This is my first post here, and why not have my first post be the starts of my new Car PC project? I had originally bought a JVC KW-AVX740, as it supported all of the Bluetooth profiles that my Windows Phone supported. I bought it in hopes that it would be the perfect solution for listening to my Zune Pass music and podcasts, while being able to control the track changing with the steering wheel controls, use the microphone to respond to texts, etc. The JVC unit fell way short. Bluetooth audio quality is not good, it disconnects at random times, the microphone is awful, etc. Just not what I was expecting for the money I paid. So, while searching for better microphones, I stumbled upon this site. I've been doing a bit of reading on it here and there for the last month or so and decided, why not? Let's do this? Below will be the list of parts as I start acquiring them. Any and all feedback, opinions, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Parts (So far):
    • ByByte BBX-1 Mini ITX 2x DIN Case
    • Mini Touch 700 Touch Screen
    • M2-ATX-HV, 140w output, 6v to 32v wide input Intelligent Automotive DC-DC Car PC Power Supply
    • TDA7850 Car Audio Amplifier Kit with BA3121 Denoiser
    • Intel Desktop Board D525MW
    • Kingston SSDNow V100 64GB
    • 4GB (2 x 2GB) Kingston KVR800D3S8S6/2G DDR3 RAM
    • Premiertek WKLWL6203 WLAN 802.11n Mini USB Adapter
    • Belkin Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR USB Adapter F8T017
    • u-blox 5 GPS and GALILEO Receiver
    • BAFX Brand - ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool
    • Andrea Electronics Superbeam Array Microphone Bundle SUMA
    • Directed DMHD1000 HD Radio Tuner
    • MJS Gadgets USB HD Radio Tuner Interface Cable
    • Centrafuse 4.0 Frontend
    • Scosche SCN4200B Double DIN Dash Kit

    Sirius Tuner
    Plenty of other things I'm not thinking of right now
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    New as well here, but the HV power supply is not needed, the m2-atx would have been fine, you're scion is not a 24v car.

    I like the idea of going with an intel board, sometimes you pay a bit more, but it's rock solid. Will be watching your build as it progresses.

    and I decided on a OCZ Agility 3 180GB SSD for mine, great speed, not too spendy.


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      I was having trouble understanding the difference between the two power supplies. The power stuff is what I am least confident about. I simply don't understand it yet. The only reason I ordered the M2-ATX-HV was because I found a "deal" on one for $25. Unfortunately, as always, you get what you pay for. A seller listed two of them as new on Amazon. It arrived. It was not new, and it wasn't even the same part. So now I'm dealing with that. I have a bid in on another HV, but you're saying that the HV will not work, or is simply more power supply than is actually needed?



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        The BBX-1 with the Mini Touch 700 arrived last night. I spent some time getting the motherboard installed in there. Got Windows up and running. Now I get to do the dance to get 800 x 480 working. The monitor supports it natively, but I guess the Intel drivers are going to take some work. Hope I'll have to to play with that soon. I already had Centrafuse up and running. Got GPS working (through the window!). Just ordered a 100M Belkin Bluetooth adapter, as I don't think these little mini adapters I have laying around are going to cut it. The signal is breaking up through my desk, so that isn't a good sign. HD Radio tuner arrives tonight as well. Still waiting to see if I win the power supply I'm bidding on before I pull the trigger on another one. Using a mini ATX supply for now. Progress!


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          Updated the parts list with more model numbers. The initial HD Radio tuner I received was defective. The new one arrives today. Power supply showed up last week. I ordered some more wires I was missing (really thought I had the P4 to P4 cable, but mine was an extension cable). Leave for a vacation tomorrow, so I won't really be able to get serious about this til next week. On the plus side, I've determined that the unit does fit in place of where my old stereo is. I have a feeling it's going to be quite the challenge mounting it though. Can't wait to see this sucker running inside the car!


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            The new HD Radio works as expected with the MJS Gadgets USB cable. I can tune HD Radio within Centrafuse now. Confirmed that I can hit my WiFi from the driveway (2 whole bars!), so hopefully I'll be able to keep my Zune licenses in sync without much trouble. I've got the M2-ATX-HV powering the unit now. I picked up a barrel connector to attach to the back of the case, and am currently using the power supply from a Zotac ION board to test with. I've had it go into Hibernate successfully, and then when I unplugged and re-plug it power, it comes up as expected. Though I've also seen one bluescreen and a couple times where devices didn't come back up, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of tweaking to do there. I've had some troubles with this new Belkin bluetooth adapter not connecting to my phone properly, and Centrafuse throwing up "Pairing Failure" over and over again. That's not really going to be acceptible once this is in the car, so I'll need to figure out what the story is there. While I had the box out in the car (on the dashboard), I plugged in the ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool and got that working in Centrafuse too. Overall I'm in good shape here. I ordered the Scosche SCN4200B Double DIN Dash Kit this morning, as this seems like what I'll need to get this sucker mounted in the car.

            Overall, I just need to start learning about how to properly run all the power, and then get the TDA7850 Car Audio Amplifier Kit wired in and I should have a functional CarPC! Here's some pics to show progress. Enjoy!


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              Have you measured the depth of the double din opening inside your car? A lot of cars won't accommodate for that extra depth that the Mini-ITX case requires.
              My Project: All-in-one Double Din Unit


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                Originally posted by nivanov View Post
                Have you measured the depth of the double din opening inside your car? A lot of cars won't accommodate for that extra depth that the Mini-ITX case requires.
                Yep. I've pulled out my current stereo and made sure it fit. Though...did I make sure it went in all the way deep? I don't remember now... Crud. Worst case scenario, I do have a beat up Black Box Mobile Case I could use instead. I really want to avoid running wires all over if possible.


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                  My offer to help still stands.
                  My Install : '08 Saturn Sky In-dash