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'05 Rav4 - Project nagao

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  • '05 Rav4 - Project nagao

    I am NOT mechanically inclined nor am I good at woodworking or anything of the such.

    Project Nagao - Not As Good As Others
    * Wish I had some of the skills for fab/etc *

    Mobo: AMD dual core fusion w/ integrated gpu (it's been so long since I ordered it I can't remember exact specs, but it resembles/rivals dual core atoms)
    HDD: 2.5" 80gb sata
    Power: M4
    Ram: 8gb's (only using 4 though for os)
    OS: Win7 32 bit ultimate/pro edition (forgot edition, but it's not home)
    Wifi: Usb N-adapter
    GPS: I-blue gm-2
    F/R amps: 2 cheap 500 watt amps from China
    F/R speakers: Stock
    Sub amp: Can't remember, it's an old spare from a long time ago (no more than 500-700 watts max though)
    Subs: 2 shallow mount Power Acoustik 13" 700 watt subs. They have a mounting depth of only 2".

    I wanted to create something that allows me to keep the maximum amount of trunk room. I never enjoyed the big boxes and subs once I grew out of those first couple years of driving. I enjoyed the trunk space once I finally got this vehicle about a year ago. So I started planning a box to house anything in and it only had 1 restriction: NO more than 4" high total.

    Then came box building. Pointing to the warning again, I am absolutely horrible with doing this stuff myself, but I can always think of the good ways of doing things. But alas, I tried my hand at it. Built the box with the middle space for pc, power supply, fan, 2 f/r amps, wifi, cable runs, and other wires. The 2 outside areas are for subs, mounting at 2" and 13" wide they just barely fit. The area underneath the subs/pc is a little compartment I used for housing the dist. blocks and some other wires. It's used to store some parts/tools right now.

    The plan at some point is to carpet it as I think it looks pretty rough with just the wood look. I also need to find something to do with the sub amp, as it just sits out for now to the side.

    The wires - I ran 0 gauge to the battery for 12v+ and 0 gauge to ground at a bolt in the trunk area. I had a local shop drill/grommet through my unused clutch plates to get the 0 gauge to the engine compartment as I would never trust myself doing that.

    Concerns/Things to fix:
    1. Alternator whine (it sounds like it comes outta my front driver speaker only though) - Local shop talked me out of running the ground 0 gauge to the battery and it sits at a bolt in the trunk. Not sure if this caused an issue or not yet.
    2. F/R speakers (It sounds like only the front passenger speaker plays music) - I'll run through my f/r amps + wires soon. It worked on a previous temp install, so I know it should work if it's hooked up right.
    3. Subs gone crazy. This is a wierd one to explain, but every so often, the subs just start pounding really really fast, on their own, without being in tune with music anymore. Turning music/sound down does not stop them either. They only stop when turning the amp dials down. It's not specifically the gain or frequency that does it, it's a combination. I'm wondering if it's cause I had to wire them in mono? I don't know much about wiring subs, but if I had the screws for the amps, I would have wired them normally, 2 channel...

    Things planned:
    1. Hidden valet switch for the remote wire on the aftermarket wire harness (disables everything in the trunk - comp, amps, subs/amp)
    2. Usb ports in front panel (already have extensions, just need spare plastic covers)
    3. Carpet box in trunk to match grayish carpet already in there.
    4. Misc. fun+extras (led lights for the box, sub grills/covers to protect them, inverter in case of ac circuit ever needed, etc...)

    This has been a build long in the planning stages and at this stage, about 85% done. With my fun budget well beyond blown, this is where it sits for a while.

    ** Pics ***
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    Got some pics uploaded finally.

    Also, did the connect/disconnect of the f/r left/right rca's at the amp and found that both the front speakers were playing while the rear ones weren't. Maybe I got something mixed up on the rear amp, but it's disconnected for now and not a big deal. More to come soon I hope!
    Current Worklog: TBA - '05 Rav4 (Mobo Dead). - Forums for Rav4 owners - Cooking website/forums
    -Basic forums live atm, come contribute!


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      That looks like a rat's nest and it's only inviting something to bounce around and short out. You should mount your computer hardware and clean up your wiring a bit.
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