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2004 Acura TSX

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  • 2004 Acura TSX

    So, I'm a little behind on posting this. A big chunk of my project is already done and I got excited and forgot to document a lot of it. Just made some changes and got excited again and decided to finally post.

    Anyway, here's the parts used.
    MB: Intel DQ45EK
    RAM: 2GB DDR2
    SSD: OCZ Agility3 90GB
    CPU: Intel C2D E6600
    PSU: M2-ATX
    Screen: Lilliput 619 (I think)
    Bluetooth: Kensington BT dongle
    Software: CF 4.X
    OS: Windows 7 64bit

    Stock photo of dash for reference.

    Test fitting LCD fab. 3/4" MDF

    More testing and a bad cut on the left.

    Countersinking front of Lilliput monitor casing.

    Bondo and wood filler to fill in my mistakes.



    Final product. Small gap on the left but this was my first interior fab project.

    Audio equipment.

    Original setup.
    Onboard audio -> Car2PC -> HU
    From the headunit everything went to stock speakers and the rear deck was removed to be used as high level input for a Rockford Fosgate Punch 500aII into an Atomic Manhattan 10" subwoofer. The amp/sub were a basement bargain from a friend.

    Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago my amp died. Which jolted some life back into the project. New audio setup will be as follows.
    Asus Xonar DSX -> Rockford Fosgate R600-5 -> 4 x PPI A2.65C component speakers / 1 x Atomic Manhattan 10" subwoofer.

    I haven't wrapper the box yet and excuse my messy trunk. There are two trim pieces with insert along the sides to make the entire box flush across the back.

    Mounting of PC (amp was mounted on opposite of the PC but the new one will be much larger and will be mounted on the back side of the box.

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    Your screen surround looks real nice! I have never applied carbon fiber, was it difficult to apply?


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      It's actually Di-Noc its carbon fiber film. Extremely easy to work with. Just cut out a piece big enough and peel the back off and hit it with a heat gun and work it into place. Its self adhesive.


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        Nice! I'm going to get some Di-Noc and try it. Thanks for the tip Demitrix.


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          Originally posted by rray View Post
          Nice! I'm going to get some Di-Noc and try it. Thanks for the tip Demitrix.

          Great site to order from, delivery was fast and in a tube so the product was well protected.


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            looks good bob, now just get it up and running


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              very nice.
              for a second i swore i was looking at my very own build lol

              2006 Mazda6 Carpc

              2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7


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                Originally posted by civic-pc View Post
                looks good bob, now just get it up and running
                Haha it is running. Just beefing up the audio system now. I do need to get access to an ammeter and check the PC draw while in sleep mode. Going from key on to pc running in ~5 secs is too nice to go back to hibernating.