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2005 Infiniti QX56 - Dual Zone Galaxy Tab 7.7\Pivos XIOS

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  • 2005 Infiniti QX56 - Dual Zone Galaxy Tab 7.7\Pivos XIOS

    Hello all. This will be my first CarPC build. I've got a pretty robust HTPC (XBMC) with multiple clients and am a professional IT leader, so some of this will be new, other parts not so much. I haven't messed with car audio since my first car (a '79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham) in 2004, so I'm a bit rusty. This will be a lengthy install as I slowly purchase all the parts to put it together.

    Vehicle: 2005 Infiniti QX56, 4WD, 133,000 miles, Jade Green\Willow and Blonde Maple

    Concept: Dual zone entertainment for the family. The main requirement is for us to be able to have separate audio\video (music, audio books, navigation) up front, while the kids have audio\video (movies, TV shows) in the rear. That would be simple, but I also want to be able to send the front source to both the front and rear. The current plan is to mount a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 up front, and either an Android board (Hardkernel or Pivos XIOS) or a CarPC for the rear.

    Front System: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Verizon, with data plan, 64gb MicroSDXC)

    Tablet Location:

    I have to retain the OEM screen due to the way it's tied in to both the climate control and the trip computer. I'm planning on moving that top row of buttons to be mounted just forward of the OEM screen. They won't be easy to reach, but they won't be used much at all. I'm currently planning on modding the OEM home dock with some fiberglass\Bondo. Will be my first time working with fiberglass.

    Rear System:
    Hardkernel ODROID-X2
    Pivos Xios

    Rear System Location: Up for decision, probably in the center console replacing the OEM DVD player.

    Audio Equipment:
    Crossover: Planet Audio EC20B 3-Way Active Crossover
    Amplifiers: Soundstream STL2.350 2-Channel A/B Amplifier
    Speakers: Image Dynamics CTX65CS - 6.5" Component Speaker System
    Subwoofer: Infinity Basslink

    Power Management:
    Battery: Optima Red Top 8020-164
    Battery Isolator: NOCO IGD140HP 140 Amp High-Performance Battery Isolator

    • Mounting tablet (no double-din options for the QX56)
    • Storage (over 3tb of movies\TV shows that need to be available) - currently considering a WiFi NAS (Synology DS213 and Netgear WNA1100) for this
    • Retain acceptable audio quality

    Concept of Operations:

    Any criticism\thoughts\input is appreciated before I start spending money.

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    Already learning things by browsing around the forum more - looks like I want a line driver as opposed to that headphone amp.


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      Apps\Android Config

      Google Apps
      Application's I'm currently using\plan to use on the Tablet:

      Desktop VisualizeR - create large icons for home screen.

      HD Widgets - For widgets. Duh.

      Android Anti Theft Security - Mainly for device location tracking (GPS, cell tower, or WiFi).

      Torque Pro - OBDII reader.

      CoPilot Live Premium - For offline navigation.


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        Galaxy Tab Interface:

        Icons: Most of the icons themselves are from the Token Light set off of IconsPedia, with a few miscellaneous ones pulled off and I just put them up against a rounded square in Photoshop. Created for the interface using Desktop VisualizeR. Here is a zip file of all the icons, along with the PSD original so you can create more. The font is Walkway Black from

        Widget: HD Widgets


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          I find that Cerberus is a fantastic option for anti theft on android. Desktop visualizer is also really nice and helps when customizing. I look forward to following your build further.

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