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    Ok, so I had a previous build using a netbook in the glovebox. It was slow, but it ran the system wonderfully for a few years. Then it exploded. One problem I have already ran into is that iNav is no longer supported. I need to find a strong nav package that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Will need community help with this.

    So now I want to do this properly.

    Motherboard:ZOTAC D2700ITXS-A-E
    Memory:Mushkin Enhanced Essentials 4GB (2 x 2GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1066
    System Drive:Corsair Neutron Series GTX 2.5" 120GB
    Power Supply:M4-ATX
    Monitor:Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T
    Steering Wheel Interface: CarPc Joycon
    OBD Interface: DashCommand + OBDLink WiFi (and USB)
    Nav hardware: BU-353
    USB hub CNX-P5USB
    Subwoofers: TS-W260S4 x2
    Sub Amp: GM-D8500M
    Component Amp: GM-D9500F
    OS: Windows 7 64
    Frontend: Centrafuse
    Navigation: CoPilot
    OBD-II interface: Palmer Performance DashCommand
    PHASE 1:

    Tear out all previous netbook installation wiring, and start over. Use 10 guage wire throughout, fused at 20A. Reloom, and ensure all wiring is properly secured.
    Too damn cold. Waiting for warmer weather.

    RED WIRES: +12V "+12V" <20A Fused at battery.
    BLACK WIRES: Grounds "GND"
    YELLOW WIRES: Ignition "IGN" +12V, triggered off of a relay, powered by +12V, no fuse needed.
    BLUE WIRE: Amp trigger "TRIG" No fuse needed.

    Phase 2:

    Bench test CarPC components with a regular ATX power supply. DONE
    Assemble CarPC. Waiting on parts.
    Bench test CarPC build, using an AC 115V -> DC 12 25A power supply. Waiting on parts.
    Install and test software. DONE

    Phase 3: Waiting on parts.

    Install CarPC.
    Test all functions.
    [ ]Test startup/shutdown with ignition.
    [ ]Test antithump.
    [ ]Test screen functions.
    [ ]Test steering control interface.
    [ ]Test audio.
    [ ]Test video.
    [ ]Test navigation.
    [ ]Test OBD-II interface.
    [ ]Test Bluetooth.
    More to come.
    Please feel free to comment and give suggestions. Thank you for your help!
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    I received the motherboard and hard drive over the weekend. Tested and installed all software. I built a cable to power the screen from the M4-ATX.
    Click image for larger version

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    Edit: Fixed image url.
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      Bought a special molex connector from Mouser; going to use it to make a quick disconnect for +12V, IGN, GND, and TRIG all in one connector.
      Also, to anyone who is familiar with the M4-ATX, what exactly does antithump go to? I think it goes to the amps trigger, but i am probably wrong.


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        Hi Rukasu,

        I just stumbled upon this thread of yours. You have the same car as I do (mine is 07 variant though) and I was wondering whether you have tried to fit the BBX-1 case into the double din slot and see whether it goes all the way in. The depth of the BBX-1 is about 8.3" whereas a normal head unit is somewhere about 6.5" or so. That's nearly 2" longer than a regular head unit so it makes me wonder if there is enough depth behind the waterfall to accommodate the case snugly. Also, I don't see any choice of Amps on your list of hardware; how are you gonna connect to the speakers? If this project of yours is still ongoing, please take some pics of the whole project, it will help me alot in my quest to do the same



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          The bbx-1 doesn't fit ;_;

          I relocated the bbx to the back; going to keep it. I managed to break the screen while fiddling with it so I will need to get a new one.


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            Originally posted by rukasu_01 View Post
            The bbx-1 doesn't fit ;_;

            I relocated the bbx to the back; going to keep it. I managed to break the screen while fiddling with it so I will need to get a new one.
            Wow, that is very unfortunate, especially the screen. Sucks that you have to purchase a whole new one too.

            Now if you're placing the pc at the back (trunk), will you be running a vga cable the whole length of the cabin? Or are you going to get one of those Wireless USB VGA adapters to wirelessly stream to your screen?

            Also, when I removed my head unit, I noticed that there is quite a lot of space behind the control panel and the cigarette lighter section. I don't know if yours is different then mine, but it seems I can fit a mini-itx board in there if it's housed in a small squarish and flat box, probably just tall enough to fit a standard cooler and a ssd. The PSU can sit outside and so can the dvd drive (if you're using any). You can also use a usb bluetooth dongle for your bluetooth needs (keyboard, cellphone pairing, etc) if the board is in front. I have a feeling if it's at the back, you will run into connection issues.

            Speaking mods, one of the mods I was contemplating on doing was getting a slot load usb dvd drive (like this: place this inside the center console where the usb port is. If you can trace where that USB port runs to, maybe you can connect that directly to the pc.