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2002 VX Holden Commodore Wagon - Android Tablet Addon

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  • 2002 VX Holden Commodore Wagon - Android Tablet Addon

    Hello people from Melbourne, Australia. I used to be on this forum many moons ago and went to a lot of mp3car meets in Melbourne. I once had a non-touchscreen 7" and a microITX P3 computer under my seat back when it was real expensive to buy a Lilliput touchscreen VGA monitor. Times have changed. Android tablets are real cheap now so I've decided to post some build pics of my car install. Here's a photo of my car.


    Car is a Holden Commodore VX Series 2 Model. Has a LS1 5.7L V8 in it. Cam and some other power mods. Runs a Pioneer fold-out screen DVD head unit and JL Speakers and 2 X 12" Kicker Subs in the back. Head unit interfaces with a 120GB ipod Classic which I keep in the glove-box. I hold all my music on there.

    I have decided to interface the Tablet with my ELM ODB adapter. While it doesn't read all the features of the car, I get RPM, Speedo and Intake pressure and temp etc. That should work well with Torque app.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    So due to the fact that Android tablets are real cheap, I decided to look around. My requirements for tablet:

    1. Decent size with ok screen res
    2. Bluetooth
    3. GPS built-in for satnav.

    WIFI usually comes with all tabs b/g/n so that will be good for upsating apps as well.

    Not a lot of cheaper tablets around have GPS built-in. Finally found one under $100 with all of these requirements in a 7" screen.

    Zenithink C71A was my choice of tablet. Has all these things. It's a newer version of the C71 but now includes GPS and BT modules.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	7-zenithink-c71a-cortex-a9-dual-core-15ghz-android-41-dual-cameras-1gb-gps-bluetooth-8gb.jpg
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    So my build will begin when I get this in the mail in weeks to come. I'm going to mount it in a cradle instead of in the dash. Output sound to my other Pioneer DVD head unit AUX and power it off the 12V.

    More pics to follow....
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    Love the aussie builds.cant wait!

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    • #3 much lower is your car than stock? It looks good!
      My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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        Originally posted by PhilG View Post much lower is your car than stock? It looks good!
        G'day there. It sits about 2" lower than stock height. I have 3 kids so I don't want the ride to be too hard.

        About 10 days in and still waiting for the tablet to arrive so I can begin. Also ordered a tablet mount and 12v power adapter to wire it in.

        More updates to follow..
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          Update 7 November 2013 - So I went on a large 1500km trip on holiday and took my tablet for navigation. The GPS in the tablet was real slow to lock onto satellites. My ODB adapter had given up so I have ordered a new one. I got a window mount which was a universal one and didn't end up fitting the tablet properly. I tried one of those ones with the sticky green grip but in the heat the device just fell off when it was in the window. They are average. I wouldn't recommend on to them. So I'm going to re-locate the tablet to another area in the car on the dash so it's not in direct sunlight to get hot. When the ODB adapter comes, I'm going to try that out and I'll post photos of it working.