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2013 Camaro 2SS/RS... Mylink removed, I7 Mobile Project

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  • 2013 Camaro 2SS/RS... Mylink removed, I7 Mobile Project

    As soon as I finished my 2012 Camaro 1LT, I found a closeout deal on a 2013 Camaro 2SS/RS that I could not beat.
    After suffering without a carpc all summer, I finally got rid of that horrible Mylink Navigation. This weekend I put the replacement in, an I7 Mobile based CarPC, this time in a Voom2 PC Case.

    Here is my new pimp mobile... I gotta have my midlife crisis don't I? Yes it looks like the old one but has more bells and whistles, and the old car had 7600 miles on it, time for a new one.

    I did a little engine compartment dressup, added a catch can, stiffened up the supension, etc:

    And on the inside, I had this Mylink Navcom with Boston Acoustic Premiun Sound that was exceptionally crappy. I'm talking glitchy operation, 1 out of 10 small thumb drives works, every power up it defaults to FM radio, major hiss from the tweeters, basicly, a couple thousand dollars worth of pure crap, so out it went!

    First I removed the Mylink screen and Nav Radio. That radio even had a CD slot hidden behind the screen with no way to access it. I had to cut some plastic away so all my electronics and the 8" screen would fit:

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    Next I made a video cable to tap into the oem backup camera, after getting and info and pin numbers from [email protected], StealthZL1, and Robdollar77 from the Camaro5 forum:

    I was able to use a 90 degree Dupont Pin Header, as the pin spacing was perfect at 2.54mm, and I ty-wrapped it onto the connector so the cable would not come unplugged:

    I built up a CarPC using mostly high temperature industrial components. An industrial socket G2 motherboard, Mobile I7 35W processor, 85C rated low profile DDR3, and I used a Hifidiy Saber USB DAC to output an extremely transparent audio signal. The power supply is a 160W intellegent DC-DC converter that uses a combination of ignition switch position, and timers to start and stop the PC, so I don't ever have to power down the PC. I just drive, and it runs automatically, and powers down automatically when I pull out the key:

    I routed the case cables with airflow in mind:


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      And after slapping the case together, installed a USB Bluetooth Dongle, and a Dual Band N WIFI Dongle:

      There's lots of ports for expansion, as I add more devices down the road:

      I modified the Metra kit to fit an 8" HDMI touchscreen, HDMI and Composite TFT driver board with auto video switching so I could switch from PC to Backup Camera whe I put the tranny in reverse, a Joycon programmable steering wheel button interface, and an intellegent 80W DC-DC converter to provide computer grade power for the screen and electronics:

      I mounted the PC, Amps, Cap, and Sound Processor behind the seat and on the backside of the SUB box. Everything here is powered from a second Stinger Battery when the engine is off, and isolation opens up after the engine is started:

      I have both a 1 Farad cap and a backup battery. The cap is just to make extra sure I don't have any power dips that could cause the PC to reset. Here is the batteries and isolation solenoid:

      Here is the 8" touchscreen mounted in the metra dash kit:

      Now I have to figure out where I want to mount the Ram Tough USB Hub so I can plug stuff in at the console. Thinking...


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        Nice job rray, the screen fit well and just enough space to add all of the "boxes" in the rear without crowding them. Awesome. You are going to integrate that GPS antenna, right?

        I'm confused though, the 3rd pic down from yesterday shows those round "tire looking" HVAC controls and your last pic here has 2 rows of rectangle buttons. Did that change happen when you replaced the centre dash piece from a car without the My link or are all of those buttons part of the Metra kit or?
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          Yes, the round controls are the stock air conditioning controls with the stock 7" screen, where the buttons are the new air conditioning controls on the 8" screen panel.

          I want to put the GPS on the front dash, but need to get more USB ports up front.

          So it lasted 1 day... Monday everything worked great.

          Now the bad news... This morning, the PC hung at the BIOS screen with a B4 post code. I unplugged the power to the computer and started off to work. To make matters worse, once I got on the freeway the car started doing all kinds of glitches. The Speedo and Tach dropped to 0 on the freeway, then the driver info console started spewing out errors, Flat Tire, Check Engine, etc. Then the disconnected stock center channel speaker started buzzing, and dash lights started flickering. I made it to work but am afraid to drive home.

          Looking for Metric tools to disconnect all the dash stuff before I drive home.

          I took a course on troubleshooting once. They taught that there is only 1 assignable cause to a problem, although there can be many symptoms. Looks like I have to build an Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram and start pulling off the bones, but I suspect it's something on the materials leg, because it did work great Sunday afternoon and all day Monday.
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            Bad earth? That's a huge list of problems....


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              I'm sorry to hear things are getting sideways but it will likely be fine once you unplug the culprit. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you used an interface device from Scosche, Metra, etc to restore dash functionality and it has failed. If that's the case, unplugging it may fix a few things but either replacing it or plugging the factory Nav unit back in will likely completely solve it. GM ties a ton of stuff through their factory head units Chrysler too for that matter. I had a Scosche adapter go bad on a Chrysler 300 NAV install I did for a guy and he had signal lights randomly going, headlights, seat belt warnings, all acting up. I also had a Scosche DOA on a Sunfire install I did... Since then I have stayed away from Scosche...probably wise.

              If it's any consolation, I really like the look of the buttons better for the HVAC system over the "tires".
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                I just disconnected everything on my coffee break. I also suspect the Metra air conditioning controller, but it could be the Metra OnStar interface too. I have a spare metra air conditioning controller at home so I will try that tonight.



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                  Without the OEM head unit plugged back in, I suspect you will still have problems but hopefully less to get you home. I would suggest when you get home, plug the factory unit back in first and see if all is good, that will give you a starting point. Keep us posted.
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                    quick question. did you use an aftermaket installation surround? or did you hack up the oem bezel to get your screen in there? it looks great btw
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                      I'm sure it's a Metra 99-3010S from the look of the pics but Robert can confirm. He also mentioned using the steering wheel button and HVAC interface.
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                        Well I took out the Metra Onstar/Steering Wheel module, and the Metra Bezel Heater Control module, and forced flashed them with the latest firmware again.

                        The Bezel (I cut it to fit an 8" screen) with heater control buttons plugs right into the body control module, so that is what I suspect as the cause of the glitch.

                        It got too dark to re-install last night so I'll install after work tonight and see if it everything is OK.


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                          Fingers, toes & eyes are crossed for you!!
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                            Wonderful job :-)


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                              Wednesday morning I drove to work with no Metra stuff installed, and had no glitches with the body control module. I installed the reflashed Metra boxes after work then drove for 2 days, and had BCM glitches again. Not as bad as Tuesday, but enought to bother me. I thought of 2 things I can do.

                              First I have a second Metra heater buttons box I can swap out, and for the Onstar / Steering Wheel box, since I cannot replace it without buying a complete $300 kit, I can try to change it's operation by re-connecting all the stock amplifier and the one remaining stock speaker.. The center channel. This might satisfy the automatic sensing of amplifier present that is done, and should give me back onstar, seatbelt, and door chimes.

                              Also I can try reversing the steering wheel interface wires, which are supposed to be polarity irrevelavent to the Joycon, maybe they ARE to the Metra box, as one of the glitches I had locked up the Joycon when pressing and holding the steering wheel volume control