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My 306 build has started

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  • My 306 build has started

    firstly this is the first time i have used glass fibre and body filler. so been a learning curve for me.

    the 306 dash normally looks something like so.

    i did not want a flip out screen and in all honesty its hard to make a 7" screen fit due to the shape.

    but its a 7" screen i have so thats whats going in.

    firstly was the relocation of the head unit.

    then for the screen i cut the sh1t out of the top vents and origional radio location
    after something like this.

    so adding lots of body filler...

    after doing so i decided it would be a better idea to use glass fibre
    so started again

    then applied some filler

    at this point i give up with the prep work as i hate the sanding and painted it

    as you can imagine it looked shocking and up on test fitting i cracked it as i have to flex a little it to fit. so quick repair

    then the test fit again and had to bend it a tad to much to get it in and then clip into the vent controls. i cracked it again , exactly the same place as i did last time.

    think im going to fit it, touch it up with paint and leave it. dont have to touch it again then.

    i may get someone to make me one thats better with this sort of job,
    im happy with it baring the 2 new cracks as it is the first time ive used the stuff to make anything at all lol.

    my view

    im happy with the colour its come out and im my head i know different way's i would do it again if i get round to it.

    so next stage is to fit the screen and the pc.

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    Props on mixing work with pleasure, nice to see the work sitting on the counter in your store

    looking forward to seeing the screen installed!
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      boss would have a fit if he come in, but due to all the over time im doing for him its the only chance i will get.
      the screen is a "christmas gift" so want to have it ready to fit rather than ballsing around after christmas
      i aim to have it in before though


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        screen fitted, bolted in from behind. bit of a ***** if i need to take it outas the clocks need to come out to do it.

        i will be redoing this again but starting from scratch with it


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          As a fist time is fine. Just don't loose your enthusiasm and be patient - make yourself a song "Sanding, Saaanding, SaaaAAaaAAaaanding. Sha-la-la-Samd-la-la-ing" That's the key.
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