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  • Clean GTI VR6

    black 2001 vw gti vr6
    Goodyear eagle f1 tires (unreal the ride and handeling diff)
    no engine mods
    stock (with the acception of that little computer thingy)

    OK here it goes, my thread on my install that began a year ago. I am posting in this new sub-forum (great job on listening to your fellow forum members and adding this forum),my title says newbie which I am but that title is there for a reason

    Lots and lots of the endless search . The knowledge on this board is unreal,
    this forum alone has taught me much more then just car comp. It has taught me endless knowldege from audio codec differences to runing your computer cleaner and faster, how to control servos ect ect.

    But lets get on with it shall we

    My over all goals with this project., gps, movies, game emulation ect and all the endless possabilites.

    2. ease of use

    3. somewhat stock look (basically wanted to keep the ****ty monsoon head
    unit because it just looks too good at night with
    the rest of the car) + plus keep cost somewhat

    *side note:
    I know i have options with my radio and such but i would
    not get into that yet

    4. in keeping it look stock aka rotating screen and tape deck
    where i live every single person i know has had there stereo
    stolen. litarally right in front of my house and the car was like
    20 feet away. So to me and hopefully a thief, tape deck = no
    system i hope

    5. saftey, so i tried to acomplish my goals with using as little wood metal
    and bolts as possable. keeping all air bags (more on this later).

    6. But overall doing every little bit myself...well with the help of everybody
    on this board

    On that note i would like to thank everybody from the programers to the everyday board member with there help of makin this come together.

    I could go on forever so lets rap up the intro and get into

    the good stuff...

    The orig dash
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    Year later
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                  Ok with the before and after out of the way lets get onto the guts of this.
                  I am hoping this thread can get me some attention to help bring this baby
                  to a somewhat close (well for now anyways ).

                  Since most people on this board like to see and take in a whole project
                  (me included) I will try and explain my ups and downs in what I have done so far.

                  Step 1: Research, research, research,

                  Step 2: Plan

                  step 3: Purchase (it hurts but it is worth every last damn penny)

                  1. epia m1000
                  2. opus 150 watt
                  3. zenark 7" touch
                  4. 2.5 40gig hard
                  5. pny geforce fx5500 (hardware dvd decoder)
                  6. delorme gps

                  well i think u get the point with the hardware

                  step 4: build (by far my favorite part)

                  1. Rip dash apart (know worries never plan on sellin the car)
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                        Step 2: Figure out how to rotate screen

                        1. origanal idea was to flip the screen around. One side being a face
                        plate and the screen on the other.

                        Well I built it but the servo was not strong enough to flip the screen
                        and hold the weight of it. So I decided to just make it rotate from
                        left to right. which the servo could handle but...when You take into
                        account touching the screen and making turns the servo still wasnt
                        up to the task.

                        So I asked the knowledgable people here and someone suggested a
                        metal geared servo and sure enough it was more than up to the
                        challenge. I mean I can rip turns in my little vr6 and that screen
                        doesnt move.

                        This whole project with exception of the opus and xenarc was built with
                        whatever I could get my hands on locally (san diego ca).

                        PIC EXPLAIN

                        A. inside box which spins and houses the zenarc. I did not want to
                        void the warranty of the xenarc so i went this rought. the box is
                        bigger than i would have liked but more on that later.

                        B. outside box which is basically the frame of the whole project. this
                        gets fiberglassed for strength.

                        c. this part of the origanal dash cage unfortunatly i dont have any
                        pics of it before. basically i just attached the cage to the bottom
                        of the main box with some L-brackets. One goal was to angle
                        the radio consol slightly towards the driver.
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