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  • Project "Ford Windstar XP"

    this is basically a repost of the original thread since the new work log forum has been added

    Ford Windstar XP is my carpc project. the basic idea (and by basic, i mean caveman basic ) is to have a working windows xp based PC OEM-ish installed into a '96 Ford Windstar.

    so far, a final decision has not been made on exactly what kind of computer to use in the project, although it will probably end up being a $150-ish ebay special seeing as the last computer i bought off ebay for that price ended up being a pretty nice 700MHz P3, 512MB, 20GB system with an agp slot no less.

    what i HAVE decided on though is power and audio concerns. as far as powering the whole thing, i have went with your basic inverter/sdc setup. i already have an inverter ready to go. its a Rayovac 350W/600W peak inverter. and for a shutdown controller, i will probably end up wiring my own very simple controller.

    as far as audio, i have just decided to go with the OEM audio system. although our model van does not come with a separated amplifier, i did buy one off ebay for $25 (better than $200+ from the dealer) and received it a few days ago. now i just need to track down either a wiring diagram or the correct wiring harness.

    as far as screen concerns go, i would like to go with a Lilliput, but unless i can come up with some major money, a generic LCD and a mouse/touchpad/keyb/etc.. setup may have to do until i can afford a Lilliput or xenarc.

    software-wise: ive been pretty content with centrafuse so far, so its my first choice frontend. gps i will probably go with iguidance.

    for more updates you can either follow this thread, or check out
    Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*