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AudioApex Demo Car - The Epic Begins

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  • AudioApex Demo Car - The Epic Begins

    Hey all... just found these forums in my quest to sort out my Car PC, so i thought i'd post the beginning of my Soarer install. I'm cutting a pasting this from another forum so please forgive the familiarity of it

    The car is a Toyota Soarer 4.0GT, which is the same as the LEXUS SC400 but its right hand drive, and has a few extras which Toyota removed from the LEXUS to get around some of the US import vehicle laws

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    Now that i've picked up the Soarer, the mammoth task of converting it into hopefully one of NZ's best demo cars begins. Unlike the Silvia, i'll be putting a lot of effort into making this install look great, as well as sound it. I've got some fairly unique ideas lined up, but due to the rather horrendous costing involved (initial calculations suggest it could breach $25k, cost :|) it will happen in stages and take quite some time : i'm expecting somewhere in the domain of 18 months to 2 years....

    The goal is to make a car that a) sounds utterly superb, and b) looks great, not from a 'bling' standpoint, but from the view of the average consumer hopping inside and thinking 'hot damn this looks tidy'... I'm currently intending to make use of a large amount of black leather and brushed aluminium

    Anyway, i'll be working on it in the following stages :

    Stage 1 : Pre-Build Evaluation
    Stage 2 : New Mag Wheels (18" deepdish 5 spokes running 265 rear, 235 front)
    Stage 3 : Full Multilayer Sound Deadening
    Stage 4 : Acquisition of Car Audio Products
    Stage 5 : Functional Installation
    Stage 6 : Cosmetic Installation
    Stage 7 : New Paint Job for Car Exterior
    Stage 8 : Sign Writing

    I'll update each of these stages as i reach / can afford to do them

    I'll post up the Pre-Build Evaluation tomorrow once i've had a chance to take photos and collate them. I'll refrain from posting a finalised list of the gear to be used as with a project involving a larger time frame like this, its bound to change. Once i've done the PBE and posted pics, i'll ask for opinions on what you think of the install choices and equipment desired, and ask for constructive criticism.

    I hope you enjoy the ongoing updates, and that you'll learn something out of the process the same as i will




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      Oki Doki. Heres a breif rundown of how i plan on setting this install out.

      Heres the existing dash.

      The surround panel (1) will be replaced with a brushed aluminium inset panel. Buttons will either be replaced, or repainted.

      The standard factory stereo (2) will be removed, and replaced with a VGA LCD panel behind mirrored two-way glass... when the screen is off, it will appear to be a mirror. When its on, it'll look like a screen. The screen will run the engine management systems, RTA (SpecRTA using an RTA mic integrated into the drivers side headrest) and Termlab.

      Panel (3) is hinged and covers up the ash tray and cigarette lighter. The panel will be replaced with brushed aluminium, remain hinged, and the lighter socket etc etc removed. Then the system headunit (which at the moment will likely be a DEX-P90RS routed to DEQ-P9R) will be mounted on a 45 degree downward angle under the hinge.

      End result of this design is that the car will appear to have no visible headunit and a large centre mounted mirror when the car is off, but when its on, pop the panel and fire up the LCD and its a fully usable system

      Next pic is the shift mechanism / handbrake.

      Panel (1) will be replaced with brushed aluminium to match the rest of the centre console. Shift level (2) will be replaced with a Levoc shifter as per below, and handbrake (3) will be replaced with the matching Levoc handbrake.

      Once this is done, the centre console will resemble a brushed aluminium version of the center console pictured below

      The edges of the rest of the centre console will be trimmed with black leather.

      The current seats are pictured below. They will be recovered with white soft leather.


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        OK. Now heres the speaker locations i'm thinking of. Which ones will be taken will depend on which speakers i choose. The three current options i'm tossing up are Rainbow Profi Vanadium 3-ways, Rainbow Prof Vanadium 2-ways with ID mini-HLCD's, or Rainbow Platinum 2-ways. I'd like to try the horns, but i think they'll be a ***** to install in this particular car (like most cars...). Whichever option i go for, the speakers will be driven actively.

        Comments on these locations or any others? I dont want to install in the kick panels, so dont suggest that.

        Heres the general layout of the front.

        Area (1) will be refinished in black leather. Area (2) will be replaced with brushed aluminium. Area (3) will be refinished in either white or black leather : at the moment, i'm unsure which will look best.

        The following pic shows the back seat area, where the subs will be installed.

        Twin 12" subs (1) will be installed in a custom fibreglassed enclosure, unsure yet on alignment... it will be either aperiodic or low-tuned ported, if its portec, it will be vented at (2). The box will be finished in the same black leather as the top of the dash, with brushed aluminium trim rings around the subwoofers. Currently, subs are planned to be Adire Audio Tumult's.

        Heres the rough layout of the boot :

        The subs will be driven by a TRU Hammer monoblock amp (1). The fronts will be driven, one 4 channel amp per side, with TRU amps at (2) and (3), which are currently planned on being TRU T-O3's. The spare wheel will be removed to make way for a secondary Optima Yellowtop (3, which should be 4) and AudioControl DQS (4, which should be 5) recessed in the floor, the DQS will take all 6 output channels from the DEQ-P9 and apply 30 band parametric EQ controlable by the Digital Dash Control panel remote mounted in the drivers side sunvisor. The entire boot will be fibreglassed cleanly, and finished in either white or black leather, again undecided.

        Any comments or suggestions welcome


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          Just FYI, this is a better idea of what the center console looks like with the insets, although obviously mine will be in brushed alu not walnut burr, and the headunit area will be replaced with a mirror glass finish


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            Wow, very interesting project. Man, you sure have a lot of work to do! Try and keep some buttons near the screen when you're finished, just like in your last pic! Where are you getting the leather from?
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              There are a number of leather wholesalers around, its only an issue of finding ones that stock a leather thats good enough to stay looking good, but supple enough to fit around tight corners


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                Looks like a plan to me
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                  Picked up my new mags today, 18" deepdish running 235 fronts 265 rears Pretty happy with them