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'96 Renault Laguna project

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  • '96 Renault Laguna project

    So I have everything now (save for some wires and cheap stuff)

    You can see the car here

    Car PC set up

    EPIA M10000 Mainboard (1Ghz)
    256Mb DDR266
    120Gb HDD
    Netgear 54Mb Wireless with cartop antenna
    90Watt Smart DC - DC PSU
    7" LCD Touch Screen
    GPS Mouse

    Right I've wanted to do this for near two years but only had the money recently to spare.

    I *hope* to get this done over the weekend if not then at least before the April digital car meet!

    Everything is set up software wise I just need to tear the insides of my car out and fit everything

    The TFT amazing image for such a small screen!

    The PSU a hell of a lot cheaper than the opus and does much the same.

    The amp yes it's small and cheap but I'm only driving the factory speakers till next month

    Last of all the PC itself, a mate of mine who does design ant Uni is going to make a nice perspex case which we wil ltry and get as small as I can.

    double din baby! Should be very eay to fit the TFT so far I'm just going to use some plastic blocks and velcro to hold the screen in untill I can work out how to make a unit up that looks nicer and can come out when needed still.
    The bit at the top folds down so my install will be totaly stealthed away from ned scum eyes when I'm out the car.

    Right will add stuff over the weekend as I get stuff fitted.
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    96' Laguna install

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    Welcome to another Laguna driver


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      Originally posted by mpattonm
      Welcome to another Laguna driver
      Are Clio drivers welcome too?
      CarPC status: HW all done, SW needs tweaked.
      Hardware: VIA MII-12K, 512MB, 60GB 2.5", CW-8123 DVD-CDRW, 7" Lilli ts, Opus 90W, BU-353 GPS, 802.11b PCI, USB bluetooth dongle, AverMedia AverTV Cardbus Plus, Morex Cubid 3677
      Software: RR, MM/FD


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        Especially from NL


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          right just a quick pictorial update, glovebox out, getting the amp power cable through the rubber seal was a night mare!

          double din unit removed for screen fitting

          the cheats way of easy speaker wiring..

          wifi antenna

          amp installed and tested

          door closed..

          door open!

          tomorrow I should get the PC housed and everything back together
          Current Honda Accord Aero Deck install

          96' Laguna install


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            meh didn't get much done today mostly wiring..

            screen fixes in the housing with velcro.. it's tough but you can get it out when you want.
            Current Honda Accord Aero Deck install
            96' Laguna install


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              ok plexi turned out to be a bad idea.. I now have had the experience of sticking a stanley knife right into my leg.. ouch.

              Bought a small B&Q tool kit which fits perfectly did a bit of an arse cutting job but I might do it with another (they are only 5 each)

              Inside, the HDD is held in place with an old VHS tape box (the tape on the top left is just till glue sets.

              back again yea cutting is ****e on the top of the panl and the firewire/usb at the top might go for it again..
              Current Honda Accord Aero Deck install
              96' Laguna install


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                done looks rather good if I say so myself
                main menu


                Current Honda Accord Aero Deck install
                96' Laguna install


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                  Very nice man!

                  I can't wait to start installing mine.

                  EDIT: Also, we had the same idea, I was gonna use a sterilite or tupperware container for my pc, but somebody at work told me that conduct static...

                  Anybody know?
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                    a few updates
                    first off I remounted the GPS on the outside it was losing the signal too much i nthe back window

                    yes my boot is filthy how it all looks for the moment

                    couple more shots of the screen and my car (going to clean and wax it this weekend)

                    Current Honda Accord Aero Deck install
                    96' Laguna install


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                      Cool install m8, I think the pc-in-a-toolbox idea is great - alot less likely to get nicked, easy to move in and out your car etc.

                      Think I might do something similar in future as Mini's are well easy to break into and my pc is just waiting to get kidnapped

                      Also like the velcro on back of the screen idea too. Must incorporate that into my new dash...

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