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03 altima version5

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  • 03 altima version5

    After seeing altimat thread How-To: Recessed Screen and DVD Drive
    i decided i wanted my previous setup to be ressed, it used to look like this

    so i broke it apart and started rebuilding it, this is what i had after a few days

    after a few more days of working on it, i decided that i did not have the skill to make the bezel perfect, so i contacted altimat and he agreed to take the job. The bezel came back looking great, i could have never done it without the help of Altimat. I took the bezel to be painted today and i should have it back by monday. I will post some pics of what it look like and the installation process

    In this pic you can tell how much different the new bezel is from the factory one.

    My Previous Setup