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My Passat CarPc Project

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  • My Passat CarPc Project

    Hey guys. I started on this last wednesday, and am here now. Soem pics on the progress:

    Let me know what you guys think?

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    What's the cell phone for

    Nice use of priority mail tape
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      Specs are:

      P3 500 Mhz prcessor
      P3 Mobo (noname)
      386 Mb Ram (will be 512)
      Ati Rage 128 16Mb card (Geforce4 MX 440 64Mb in the mail)
      On board sound
      40Gb 2.5" Laptop harddrive
      laptop DVD drive in the back.
      Xenarc 700TSV
      Opus 150
      4 port hub (need to figure out where to get power to it from...)
      Microsoft USB wireless NIC
      Rikaline 6010 Usb Gps reciever

      And many more that i'm too tired to mention right now.
      I already have the place for it in the car. Only need some extensioncables to run it to the front. Updates coming soon. I hope to have this pc up and running by the weekend

      Let me know what you think...


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        Well, Priority mail tape i have plenty, and it's strong. Also free... The phone is my cellphone, and i used it for internet. (verizon) Was very good. It'll be a part of the system...


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          BTW... When is my variable bitrate going to go back to Constant? I almost have 2 posts per day... Wired


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            Nice work so far. How are you connecting your mobile to the PC? Bluetooth? What are you mounting it all on, it looks like the side of an old pc. Are you going to mould in the Xenarc into the dash?

            Keep up the good work!
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              I bought a USB cable off of ebay fo it, and use Verizon Mobile Office to connect to the net. Uses only minutes. Eventually the Xenarc is going to be mounted. For now, it's just gonna stick there. You'll see. Thanks for the cheers. Really need it now...


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                almost done. Ran wire from battery to the back, also got the AUX in for my alpine, and wired that to the back, have the rikaline GPS module on th trunk, nicely in the middle. also have the wireless usb atapter up under the back winow. everything is wired up nicely, and the pc has it's place, when the Xenarc dies (sort-of). waiting for zip-lock to reply, ans RMA it back. so beside the little glitch with the xenarc it's done...


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                  are you booted up for saturday? nice work
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                    i just finished putting the pc in the car. took some pics, and will post here a little later. I'm all reved up about sunday. Can't wait.


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                      Originally posted by BoyNextDoor
                      i just finished putting the pc in the car. took some pics, and will post here a little later. I'm all reved up about sunday. Can't wait.
                      Please do post more pics. That Xenarc would look so sweet in the dash, that's if you'll mold it in. Plenty of room.
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                        here you go guys! shoot me some feedback!