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  • Time to get done now

    Ok, the screen i got is a little bigger than the dash size for a
    flush mount without cutting out the center piece, so i decided to place
    the screen about 1.5 inches inside the dash. Also thinking that it would help with the "glare" problem. A question I have with that is how do i make it so it has support from the back, and doesnt tilt ?
    I read about someone using the HU dash adapter and then bondo it to the air vent, that gave me the idea mine wont turn out exactly like that but similar, I need the buttons to be visible.

    Heres what my dash looks like rite now

    What do you guys suggest?

    Also I have my GPS mouse and usb hub behind the screen.

    The gps seemed to work ok, what type of experiences have you guys had, with the GPS mouse under the dash?

    I am going to make the screen fabrication my first step, I have the wires run under the driver seat as of now, mite
    move them to the trunk, but the screen fabrication is the first step.

    I am also wanting to get a new HU, since my old one did not have an aux input, just sold it today need a new one now.
    Looking to get something with mp3 playback remote and may be a motorized faceplate under 200,

    These are the ones that kind of like......

    Any ideas/comments will be great.


    04 Corolla

    Upgrading pc 99%