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2004 Mazda 3S Project

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  • 2004 Mazda 3S Project

    I worked on this project with two friends of myn. One helped me cut it out on Saturday and today (Sunday) I fiberglassed it with my other friend.

    This project is about 65% done. We ran out of time today but are going to finish fiberglassing and painting next weekend to get out the imperfections.
    As you may notice, I also sanded down the fake CF and painted it quickly with a primer black.

    The wires running in the back seat are temporary until I can mount the computer case in the trunk which I will be doing as well next weekend, along with hiding all of the wires.

    The amp is temporary as well, it is my brothers and I am using it to power the stock speakers from the computer.

    I haven't setup my front end software yet, but will do that very soon as well. Still having trouble deciding on what to use.

    Here is the parts list (not all are installed yet):
    EPIA Mini-ITX mobo M9000 w/512M RAM
    Xenarc 700TS touchscreen
    60G 2.5 Hard Drive
    Deluo USB GPS
    IRA: Inra Red Adapter (Serial Port)
    Kensington USB Pocket HUB (4-port, powered or unpowered)
    ON IR Remote control (mini keyboard in this remote)
    PCI 802.11 B/G Wireless adapter (Netgear WG311)
    OPUS ITX DC-DC 90W Car Power Supply
    Small USB Keyboard w/Touchpad
    Pushbutton power switch for EPIA
    Mini IR receiver tuned for ON Remote
    Panasonic CW8122 Slotload Slimline Combo CDRW/DVD with 3.5 adapter
    Morex Procase 2699? (Mini, Black)

    All replies and comments are welcome.

    Anyways, here are the pictures

    2004 Mazda3s

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    WOW, our screen setup is identical, lol! Any updates?
    My Carputer Project


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      Yeah, lots. I'll be posting new pictures soon. Im working out some software bugs right now.
      2004 Mazda3s


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        Nice, there seems to be a lot of Mazda3 installs, and yours are all better than mine
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          i'm going to be making one
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            I "finished" this project. Check the link in my signature.
            2004 Mazda3s