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1986 Vauxhall Calibra Carputer (or VCC)

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  • 1986 Vauxhall Calibra Carputer (or VCC)

    Hello everyone!
    I am from Italy.
    It's started! I finally started the making process of my Vauxhall Calibra Pc-beast!

    In calibra we want to:
    1. Remove the old dash, take out the divisor (radio / keyholder)
    2. Make a custom mask for the monitor (or glue lilliput one in)
    3. Glue the mask in [epoxy] and finish it with bondo-or-similar
    4. Make mask for DVD drive and USB card reader (if possible)
    5. Fit, glue and bondo again
    6. Take whole ready-to-go dash to professional painter for a same coat as car.


    1. Take lower tunnel out
    2. Make housing for previous head unit (pioneer CD-player - has to stay it got SUBW controller builtin)
    3. Glue, polish
    4. Take whole ready-to-go dash to professional painter for a same coat as car.

    Stuff I will be needing
    + 1 TFT 7" (got lilliput)
    + 1 DVD-ROM Drive (got toshiba notebook)
    + 1 IDE to USB2.0 Adapter
    - 1 Notebook CD-ROm Interface to IDE Interface
    + 4 USB Extension lead (Touchscreen, DVD-ROM, Card reader, extension Plug)
    + 1 VGA Extension lead
    + 1 TV Card (got asus TVFM)
    + 1 WiFi Card for connectuing at home (got dlink)
    + 1 HDD For OS and other stuff (got 80gb Seagate)
    + 1 PC Card reader USB 2.0
    - 1 GPS Antenna
    + 1 Cool case (got dell optiplex 270)
    + 1 Pentium 4 (1.8Ghz) 512mb ram

    (+) = Already arrived (-) = Has yet to arrive

    Next post will be for photos.
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    U can see the wooden mask, applied to the dash, and the Italian bondo also you can see the lower tunnel which I'll need to mod.
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      Good luck, can't wait to see more pictures. I have a vectra from 92 with identical dash and I'm also planning something similar.


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        Abandoned the idea of using a wooden mask; it is way too complicated to reproduce the button holes.
        Started filling the gaps in the dash (it was divided in two) with epoxy, result: great and very elastic.
        Tried bending the plastic to some extent, perfect. No cracks or peelings.

        In the photo first gap closed and friend epoxy

        The first gap is already sanded as u can see
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          First Calibra project...Nice...!
          Renault Megane...the OEM look

          The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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            I loved my Calibra, it was a fair while ago now but fond memories, I envy you!

            Sorry to digress!



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              Completed the gap-filling and sanding (two views)
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                Reinforcement behind the gaps to keep more elasticity and robustness.
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                  After that I have to mask the frame that surrounds the monitor (it will remain black in the final version).

                  Notice the LILLIPUT logo has gone as well
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                    ... and then we are ready for the welding process which takes a whole day to dry out (3 layers of epoxy)

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                      Ok now I built my DVD-rest to hold it there (photo 1) and screwed it to the dash (photo 2)

                      and here it is mounted

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                        Next thing to do is make the masking for the DVD entrance so i took a piece of plastic to make it

                        I cut it out with a mechanical saw and sanded it with sander-sanding paper and file.

                        Here is a preview of how it could look like:

                        Next cut the mask to make it fit the button pad of the lilliput !!!
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                          mask cutting done.

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                            good, finally some stuff has arrived

                            As you can see, the case, Access Point, Pci WIFI Adapter and TVFM card.
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                              so now, I've been giving my calibra some major overhaul.
                              Changed rear shock absorbers and brake paddles all by myself (yeah I know I'm cool).

                              Next thing we're gonna do soon is change the front shock absorbers.

                              Meanwhile lets concentrate on the dash.
                              Time to bondo it and sand / dremel it.

                              Here is how it's coming out.

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