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99 Honda Prelude

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  • 99 Honda Prelude

    I have changed the links.

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    that's nice man. I used something very similar in my 98 accord coupe with amp placement, I have one 500W alpine accuclass-D on one side, and my invertor on the other. I didn't actually weld bolts on there, just used my dremel and some nuts/bolts. My brother actually had some california amps but he never used them. How do those sound?


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      Man, those sucka beat like all get out. I bought the first one new from crutchfield in like 99 or 00 for like a bill 40. I had it on 2 kicker 8's and one orion DVC 15 in a CRX and people use to think I had an MTX or a Rockford amp in my ride.

      I'm really an autotek person...I have an old 7050 that I purchased in 91 that still looks new. But since I could not find any older model autoteks, I opted to go wit dual 400sx's. One for my 4 audiobahn DVC 8's and one for my audiobahn 6.5's, 6x9's, and dome tweeters.


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        Looking good!
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          Well, this weekend I made great head way on making my custom case, fabing my touch screen bracket, and running the power wires. After placing the pc in the car and hooking it up, I timed how long it takes the pc to bootup and how long it takes to shut down

          46 secs for boot up
          26 secs for shutdown

          I'm gonna see if there are some things I can tweek to help in the bootup process. I also purchased an Elk 960 delay timer. When the car is shutoff and after 30 secs a total open circuit will be apllied to the pc's power source so that it will not have a single amp flowing threw it. I'll have a diagram of what to do in a few days.


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            new pics

            The case

            my speaker boxes 4 8in audiobahns will be in the boxes

            my 15 lcd monitor case. it's going to mount on my trunk deck

            top of case


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              case almost complete


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                WoW nice case ..
                how the heck did you make that honda logo ?
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                  Its a tag.


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                    it's a clear acrylic sign with a black background. It's backlite with 4 blue leds.