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1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL - not done yet, but close

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  • 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL - not done yet, but close

    1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL

    Motor - 3.1L V6
    Weight - 3299
    Trans axle - 4T60E
    Head Unit - JVC KD-G300 - no aux input - Using a Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter
    AMP - Crunch V-Drive 2600 - 1600w - Tested at 450w x2 at 2ohm
    Subs - AudioBahn AW1251T
    Front Speakers - Pioneer TS-66
    Rear Speakers - Pioneer TS-692
    REMOVED XPower capacitor

    Computer UPDATE February 2009

    LCD - Panasonic CF-VDL01 - 10.4in Touchscreen
    Motherboard - Asus A7N266-VM,
    CPU - AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    Memory - 1gb
    HardDrive - 100gb
    USB - Usb 2.0 PCI card - 5 USB ports - Faster and more power
    GPS - Deluo GPS Serial version
    Keyboard - Zippy EL-620 Mini Keyboard
    Mouse - Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
    USB Hub - Rosewill RHB-320 7 Port powered USB Hub
    EW-7128G IEEE 802.11b/g PCI Wireless Card
    Nvidia GeForce 440 MX AGP Video Card - Old, but low power, about 30w
    Power Supply - M4-ATX

    REMOVED LCD - DataLux Lmv10r - Replaced the CCFL and inverter - daylight readable
    REMOVED TV - ATI TV Wonder usb 1.0 TV tuner
    REMOVED CD Drive - Slim Line USB CD-Rom and IDE cd burner
    REMOVED Keyboard - MINIKey miniature keyboard
    REMOVED Computer - Dell Dimension L466C - Upgraded to 500mhz P3
    REMOVED Memory - 256mb
    REMOVED HardDrive - 20gb
    REMOVED Video Card - ATI Rage Pro - low power, and still does some 3D
    REMOVED Powerline 300w Peek inverter


    Front End - Road Runner / Ride Runner
    Operating System - Windows XP Pro SP3
    GPS - iGuidance
    REMOVED GPS - Microsoft Streets and Trips - not good for in-car stuff


    Whats Left to do

    (1) Get rid of the inverter I use - I plan on getting the M1-ATX - COMPLETED got an M4-ATX
    (2) Get rid of Microsoft Streets and Trips - I plan on getting Iguidance COMPLETED
    (3) Get Wireless networking COMPLETED
    (4) Setup a backup cam
    (5) Put windows on a flash drive Changed my mind
    (6) Replace Head Unit
    (7) Car Alarm

    Jump here for new install pictures or just go to page 3

    Here is a few pics
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    Here is a close up of the dell in the trunk
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      Here is my LCD
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        Now here is the ugly - this is behind the back seat
        here you can see the inverter
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          Like your system looks nasty


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            I used Resource Hacker to mod my XP startup logo
            - be very carfull - you can realy f_ck up a system

            Here is a pic


            the progress bar does work - but its a different graphic element,
            this was the main file - to lazy to merge the two
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              Here is what my road runner / media car skin looks like
              - I liked the media car defalut skin - but wanted a Olds
              logo - all the buttons work
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                Originally posted by bid_dj
                Like your system looks nasty
                well it does behind the seat - but no one ever sees that,
                But I still want to clean up the wires - I am waiting for the M1-ATX
                and the money to buy it


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                  I have over the years used lots of rubber undercoating
                  to quiet the car - I also replaced all the Lamps inside the car
                  with Led Lights -

                  I have to drive the car every day and - Because I work on computers
                  and do my own automotive work, I have to carry tools in the back
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                    I also have replaced the trunk lamps with Neon lights
                    - they can be set to flash to sound - or on all the time

                    I wired them into the switch that turned the trunk lamps
                    on and off
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                      So... how do you control the screen? With your foot?
                      PowerVoice v1 | NaviVoice Source
                      GammaControl v2.4
                      SKINbedder v3

                      1995 Lexus SC300


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                        No - I have to use a mouse - I could use my foot tho,
                        I used to play that game on the nintendo that had a robot with
                        it - but I got mine at a flea market with out the robot - so I used
                        the first controler with my hands and the second with my feet

                        I played 2 player games like that to - sad just sad

                        I had got the screen in hopes that the touch screen worked
                        but it was fried - on top of that the inverter and ccfl were
                        going bad - I am glad I only paid $50 - I went to
                        and got a Cold Cathode and Inverter - it was about $10 plus shipping
                        worked perfect


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                          hey will.... u a member of diy audio?

                          nice install there mate, looks like you can keep up with multiple projects better than i can!


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                            hey will.... u a member of diy audio?

                            nice install there mate, looks like you can keep up with
                            multiple projects better than i can!
                            If you only knew - I am so absent minded it sad - I cooked
                            food 2 times today - both times I forgot and burnt it
                            I got ADD real bad

                            I have been working on my car, and some on 2 video
                            projectors - on top of that I have been planing to build
                            a work shed and thinking about a making a new dune/mud buggy

                            Here is a another pic

                            Here you can see the slim line cd drive - and the arm rest were I hide
                            my joystick and USB hub
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                              Here is my Joy stick, mouse and keyboard\
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