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smart roadster Install Thread - Possibly the most cramped install.

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  • smart roadster Install Thread - Possibly the most cramped install.

    OK, I'm starting this to get input from everyone on how the best way to go about fitting something in this car and basically just to document my progress. Images will be put up on my MSN Spaces to save from having to take up mp3car's bandwidth/drive space.

    Here's what I have in mind:

    - Opus PSU of undetermined wattage
    - Mini-ITX board, most likely the VIA EPIA-ML8000A
    - An in-dash, motorised LCD VGA touchscreen as I don't want to do heaps of modding to the car itself and it'll help with space
    - Slimline, slot-loading DVD/CDRW optical drive
    - GPS-based navigation
    - FM radio (whether USB- or LCD-based doesn't matter at the moment)
    - An amp of undetermined wattage (I'll have to check the speakers as they are staying; the HU has an amp built-in and it's not staying).

    That's all I have in mind for now. Specs on most of it will be hashed out as I try to figure out how to get things in the car. My first dilemma is fitting the screen and optical drive in where the HU is now. A pic can be seen at the above link.

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    Just a thought, but I don't think anyone would miss the bandwidth or space used by posting pics directly.. I'd take a look but I don't feel like signing in to MSN just to view. Ya know?


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      I signed in, and the space is either is restricted or it doesn't exist...
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        Originally posted by Cris
        I signed in, and the space is either is restricted or it doesn't exist...
        Same problem here
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          since this is a worklog and from reading his initial post it looks like he doesn't have any pics but when he does he is going to post them on the msn space which is a really bad idea if you have log in.

          Forget that crap. Post them on this board or no one will look at them
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            Fair enough. Here's two images: one showing the HU in place and the other with it removed (but the trip computer still mounted underneath the hole).
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              Is it me or does the Smart's dash look REALLY cheap?!?

              No offense to you m8, I'm sure your carputer will make it look 10x better
              Hell, my dashboard is made of wood and carpet I found in my garage
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                The whole thing is plastic. Really. I'd say the dash does feel a bit spartan at times.

                Looking for a hard drive today. We'll see how it goes.


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                  Alright, a quick update. I've purchased a hard drive and swapped it with my laptop drive (Fujitsu 60 GB 5400 RPM 8 MB cache and Fujitsu 40 GB 4200 RPM 2 MB cache). The 40 GB will be enough for the car and I want the little bit more in the laptop anyways. I've also purchased a Micro-ATX AOpen board. It's a Pentium M (AOPEN I855GMEm-LFS Intel Motherboard Socket 479) and has all the stuff I need on a board plus a bit more.

                  I was originally going to go Mini-ITX but I can afford the room in the front (we're talking less than three inches both ways so not that much of a sacrifice). When it comes in I'll snap some pics and put them up.

                  Next is CPU and RAM. I'll probably go with 256 MB to lessen hibernate recovery times. Also, a 1.6 GHz will be plenty enough grunt to do what I need it to do and not hurt the wallet too much. Slowly but surely ...


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                    Keep us up to date with how it's going. I for one, am really interested as I am just about to buy my own roadster
                    I'm hoping to install a mac mini in the dash with a touchscreen and some decent ICE.


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                      You'll need to pull out the trip computer to make it fit I'm sure. And even then it'll be tight.


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                        I've received the board, a 256 MB stick of RAM and a 1.5 GHz Pentium-M (it was only US$129!). I'll throw up a couple of shots with all of that put together later. Now I need a case, the screen, power supply and an optical drive to start testing proper. After that ... fabrication.


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                          I look forward to see this install. I bought myself a Roadster which I get later this week and realy want a carpc in it. I started a project on a Opel (Vauxel) Corsa C, the Screen was allready set but never went any further...I hope I can finish the project on my new Roadster.