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  • 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

    I feel bad, because i was so engrossed in my project that I didn't take very many pictures of the development process. I have gotten so much from the forums, that feel i should try to give back. I have the final pictures and the initial pictures of the project. I think I'm gonna have to take out the screen from the car so I will be able to take pitcures of the back of the bondoed bezel.

    I have the pitcure of the bezel from the front before i worked on it. It had two openings, one for the double din radio on top, then the AC controls on the bottom.

    I spent 2-3 days with bondo and sanding to make this the shape i wanted. I went to home depot and got square dowel rods and made a frame for my 8" lilliput. I then bondoes the frame into the bezel. I used the brackets that held the screen in the factory case, to hold the screen in the bezel. I also had to cut the crap out of my dash to fit such a large monitor in. I am really happy with the result, minus a few points. I did not smooth out the recessed part of the screen enough, and the screen and recession make a 90 degree angle. The 90 degree angle makes in hard to push certain buttons. I also used rustoleum hammered paint, and the color happened to match near perfect, so i just went to an art store and put on 20+ coats of matte finish clear coat.

    I also had to cut out a useless part of my console unit so I could drop the big fat radio down. I have jammed the radio in there real tight so it doesn't move. Wehn it did move my right front speaker made noises like it was coming in and out. Here is why. I found a list of what wires go to what speakers, and i jammed wires in the harness to see if i could make my own wiring harness for sound output. In doing this i opened up the holes in the factory harness, so the connection isn't tight, and when i drove the speaker made noise.

    I have included a picture from the underside of my seat, this is where the CARPC will go. It was in here a while ago, but i had to take it out b/c of a fire. The seat moves up and down on a two tracks, there is a support bar to make sure that each side moves at the same pace, i had mounted my carpc on this bar using a sheet of plexiglass.

    You can see i actually put a nut in the bar to lower it so the pc would fit on top of it. The IDE cable runs right near the bar. you can also see my mini keyboar behind the bar.

    That was way too tight. This week i'm gonna build a case from plexiglass and just remove that bar and set the Car Pc on the floor onder the seat. Everything was very tight underneath there, so I raised the seat with washers. This gave me an extra centimeter or two to work with.

    The reason i decided to raise the seat even with the extra room from removing the support bar is that i don't think i am going to use a right angle extender for my video card. My right angle extender also burnt up, that is why i won't use it unless i can fix it.

    My DVD player is in the center console i had to mod it to put it there, but you can see the 36" ide cable coming out of the bottom of the console, (between the console and the seat, you can also see the homemade molex connector in the bottom left of the next pic

    heres how small my keyboard is.

    If you want to know hwere i got it, you'll have to PM me and I'll look it up, b/c i don't have it off the top of my head. I'll put more pics up later in the week when it works

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    Continued as of 6/24

    So today I started constructructing a case to protect my $27 mobo and proc
    I decided to use plexiglass with edges reienforced with dowel
    I didn't care how it looked, it just had to fit

    This is the glue drying, I didn't have any clamps to I had to prop it up at what looked like a 90 degree angle

    Another side, it was much stronger at this point, I could hold it

    I missed some photo ops at this point, but the mobo is in.
    Because I didn't measure, I actually sanded my mobo down so it would fit
    I also dremeled my vid card so that it would fit in the case (ghetto rigged low profile)

    Here I am using a wrench as a clamp, and you can see how I angled the top of the case.
    Who needs measuring tape? or straight edges?


    At one time i ahd a working carputer in my car everything worked except the sound... now everything is f'ed up
    I am currently trouble shooting my hardware
    It all started with a hal.dll is missing.
    I found about 10 fixes and tried all of them, and they didn't work
    So I decided to reinstall windows... God hates me
    I load all of the files, then when it gets ready to go to the GUI part of Windows install,
    I either go back to setup/dos mode, or get error messages (error: can not load operation system)
    The next pictures are our my PC emergency room at my friends house. I killed my home pc and
    brought all my stuff to his house, we have my spare monitor and the PSU from my home system
    We take turns hooking up our carputers to it and fixing them

    This is the first night when we trouble shot from his tower with my mobo messy and dangerous right?

    more of the same

    Now the bar is for computers not alcohol

    More of the same wiht my spare monitor

    Overhead view of the operating table, btw we didn't have a switch so we had to
    use jumpers to short out the power to turn it on

    All the while another friend builds a home-made lcd projector for $80, I I ever finish my carPc this is my next project.

    Does anyone know how to fix my hard drive, I can't load an OS onto it and get to the GUI part of the installation. I have messed with my bios non stop It is not just a matter of changing my boot sequence, god knows i have tried that

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    Via Epia M10000, 512 PC2100, Opus 150, 8" lilly touch, 320 GB 7200 WD Caviar


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      Dude that sucks. You sure you didnt short something out? And how exactly did you sand your mobo???


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        Nothings shorted, I don't think, It did this a few months ago when i first installed XP...
        I sanded the mobo very carefully with coarse sandpaper. I did it by hand. I checked and realized that i had about 1/32 of an inch on each side that had no wires, so i sanded it down about 3/64" total, and it fits perfectly.
        Im running the diagnostic on it (wd 120) when i get back to friends apartment this evening
        My OLD carputer page
        My NEW carPC

        Via Epia M10000, 512 PC2100, Opus 150, 8" lilly touch, 320 GB 7200 WD Caviar


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          Sounds like a HD problem. But, what do I know.

          Try a different HD, and try installing the OS on that HD in your system, see what happens.

          Off Topic:

          What do you mean he made an LCD projector for $80.00.

          ...I love the French language...especially to curse with...Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'enculés de ta mère. You see, it's like wiping your *** with silk, I love it.


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   ... he had a friend give him a 10.4" flip down screen, he is trying to turn it into a wall projector. It costs less that $80 for all of the parts, and it looks amazing. I have turned him into quite the nerd...
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            My NEW carPC

            Via Epia M10000, 512 PC2100, Opus 150, 8" lilly touch, 320 GB 7200 WD Caviar