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z0rz's '00 Toyota Celica 5spd Worklog

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  • z0rz's '00 Toyota Celica 5spd Worklog

    So far my install is far from being done but here are some pictures.

    Pretty Stock... aside the laptop with GPS and anywhere Internet and the subs in the back..... it needs a engine cleaning for the pictures or look below..

    ^That would be Map Monkey (my gps software) created by Frodo from^

    ^Another angle with my Linux Certification book in the seat^

    ^My 3 socket cig lighter adapter. It has my phone charger and the inverter going to my laptop plugged into it... it's always on so I can charge my phone with the car off ( I have a switch to turn on/off inverter) That runs to the power wire for my amp^

    ^Another shot with my inverter in it.^

    ^If you look closely you can see two wires running into the seat. That'd power wire and the 8ft extension I made to my usb hub in my trunk^

    ^Far out shot of my trunk, on the right you can see my usb hub with my bluetooth and gps plugged into it^

    ^Close up of my USB hub and connected items. You can also see the usb insulation that was striped of of the wires still laying there^

    ^Disgusting shot of my sub/amp. I'm going to buy a new sub box so I just threw the carpet over my wooden sub box (that I made)^

    ^Amp installed on the seat^
    Car PC Status: [XX|xxxxxxxx] 20% Done
    Waiting on Lilliput to come in
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    ^It's an Infiniti Reference 300watt RMS @ 4ohm - It sounds good enough for now. too bad it looks like crap^

    ^Dirty stock engine - If you look closely you can see my blue power wire that runs to my amp^

    ^Another shot - Again look closely and you can see the remote wire (white) that runs to my amp (it's to the left of the red cap that covers the positive terminal^

    ^Shot of inverter and the USB cable (black) coming outa the foot guard thing^

    v^Back side of my laptop^v

    ^Closer shot where you can see my fm transmittor plugged into the cig lighter and my dealer key tag hanging from my key that shows it's freshness^

    v^My GPS Mouse^v

    ^GPS mouse and rest of car - Notice it's running^

    ^A little photoshop job I did to my car - It's the first picture that I used btw^

    Todo list (prioritized-kinda):
    Get Lilliput LCD screen
    Tint Windows
    Buy new ground wire for amp
    Buy new subwoofer box
    Get New Tail Lights
    Buy New Rims/Tires

    Not prioritized:
    Buy ODB-II Connector
    Figure out a Keyless Entry method (Pw/pl but no keyless module)
    Decide which Security system to get
    Buy Guage Pod and Gauges (voltimeter - oil pressure maybe)
    Buy Cold Air Intake
    Buy new exhaust (TRD)
    Buy Hotckis sway bar
    Buy APR rear strut tower bars
    Paint Capilers
    Improve Engine Asthetics
    Get JRD side blinker clears
    Buy a new spoiler (not too ricey though)
    Buy Optima Red top Battery
    Buy Optima Yellow top Battery (on an isolator circuit for when the car is off)
    Buy Orinoco G/B wireless card and attenea
    Integrate Xbox into lilliput setup
    Decide what will go in the din left over after molding dash...(example Picutre property of Goose - Moved to my server to reduce his bandwidth usage (if any))
    Car PC Status: [XX|xxxxxxxx] 20% Done
    Waiting on Lilliput to come in
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      *off topic* but didnt you play tanarus


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        holy crap.. yeah .. I remember you TreyR What's up?
        I've actually played tanarus on that laptop
        Car PC Status: [XX|xxxxxxxx] 20% Done
        Waiting on Lilliput to come in
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          lol its a small world