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2005 Pontiac GTO - wake's Carputer Attempt

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  • 2005 Pontiac GTO - wake's Carputer Attempt

    I am using this mostly for own reference, however I would appreciate and I welcome any comments/suggestions from the veterans and other installers.

    I have no experience with carputers, however I have installed various sound systems in previous vehicles I have owned and I have a Bachelors in Computer Science. Put the two together, and I'm hoping I can build a carputer for my new ride.

    To start off, here is my ride.

    My expectations for my carputer, in order of importance:
    1. MP3 Player
    2. DVD Player
    3. GPS System
    4. PS2 Capability

    Reasons for a carputer:

    My stock unit cannot play MP3 cds. Instead of the same aftermarket, boring install, why not try a more challenging project? I was planning on eventually adding screen capability for PS2/DVD reasons, but when I can do that plus MP3 and many more features, I'm game.

    In the mail:
    • Goldwood 6.5" Free-Air Subs

    Owned Parts:
    • Infinity Kappa Components
    • Mukti-Amp Install Kit
    • Infinity Reference Amps (2)
    • OPUS 150 watt DC-DC power Supply SFX.1215
    • Maxtor 60GB HDD
    • Plextor DVD/CD Writer
    • Athenatech A202BB.L220 Black Computer Case
    • BIOSTAR M7NCG 400 Socket A (Socket 462) NVIDIA nForce2 IGP Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    • AMD Mobile Athlon XP-M 2400+ (35W) Barton 266MHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket A Processor
    • CT6464Z335.8T Crucial Micron 512MB DDR
    • LinITX 7" Widescreen VGA/Composite Monitor with Touchscreen
    • USB 2.0 to 40pin IDE Cable (For DVD Drive Relocation)
    • Mini-Key USB Keyboard DGPN-570
    • Cable / SVGA-HD15 Male To Female With Ferrites 10ft (For VGA Run from PC -> LCD)
    • USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

    Undecided Parts:
    • Computer - I have been researching cases, motherboards, processors, etc, but I have not settled on anything just yet.
      • Buffalo Technology WLI2USB2G54 54Mbps Wireless Usb 2.0 Adapter With AOSS
    • Aluminium case 4 port USB 2.0 hubs, double USB powered

    Installation Concerns/Issues:
    • Installation as a whole. I do not want to do any modifying to the car if necessary. By modification, I mean appearance wise, as in the dash. I do not wish to cut up the dash. I would rather attempt making a casing for the LCD that will mount in the stock radio's spot.
    • I have not decided where I will be putting a DVD-Rom drive. I am thinking of putting it in the center console or glove box, or possibly under a seat. At the present time I am not planning on putting the drive in the dash.
    • USB Hub. I am not sure if I will be putting this in the rear or somewhere up front. I am assuming up front would probably be best, as I will have at least one empty USB Slot in the rear where the computer physically is.

    More Car Background:

    The '05 Pontiac GTO has front door speakers, front dash tweeters, rear side panel speakers and rear deck free-air subs. I am only planning on replacing the front door speakers and dash tweeters with the Components listed above. I am then going to replace the stock free-air 6.5" subs, as mentioned above. I am not going to be using/replacing the rear side panel speakers as of now.


    I will update this as much as I can, with lots of pictures of the install. Hopefully everything goes OK and I have a carputer running in the upcoming weeks.

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    Power: OPUS 150 watt DC-DC power Supply


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      Waow, looks nice

      Is there anything (like a storage case) in the upper part of the dash ? above the two vents ? Looks like a screen could go there (a screen that could fold and hide)
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        You know, I was thinking that exact thing after seeing pictures of my dash up close. I do not know exactly what is behind there, but I know that peice is removeable as people are putting extra gauges up there.

        I haven't completely checked into legalities of monitors, but would that be an easy reason to be pulled over if a cop were to see it up that high in the vehicle?


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          nice, an american monaro. cant wait to see your install, id probably remove the whole radio and make up a face that the screen will go into.

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            Kool, i was wondering why that car had the Holden stock radio in it. lol.


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              Yup, it's the American version of the Monaro, like hakhawk said.


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                oh, and you could go oem style and using a slot load dvd drive, you could mould it to be in same place, and have the screen moulded just under it.

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                  I have an 04 GTO and was also wanting to put in a carputer. I was thinking about removing the headunit and buying another center console piece and fabing a 8" zenarc screen into it and putting the computer in the hole left by the radio.

                  Mine is blue with the blue interior and a 6 speed.


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                    Cool, M6 here as well, with an LPE Instake as my only mod so far (besides XM Radio and Radar Detector hard-wired).

                    Do you know where you would get the center console peice, and an estimate of how much that would be? I am planning on not doing any fab work to the dash peices themselves, but if it's not very expensive to replace, I wouldn't mind messing with it knowing I can put a stock one back in for cheap.


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                      Somewhat OT, but do you know what your Horsepower and engine size are, just curious to see how it compares to the 66' GTO...
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                        6.0L V8, 400hp (At the engine, of course. People are reporting anywhere from 310-330 or so at the wheels after dyno runs.) They up'd the engine from the '04, which is 3.8L V8 @ 350hp.

                        *** Edit ***

                        3.8L?! 5.7L, sorry.


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                          5.7L actually but yes, mine is 350/365. I havent gone to the dealer yet to ask about the console piece but I have ordered other parts from them. I bought a new copy of the top of the console, the black piece shaped like a dome above the ac controls. I am fabbing a gauge pod into it. That piece was only like $28 so I dont think the other piece will be too bad.


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                            Cool, I have seen a lot of gauge pods up there, they look good.

                            I don't know where I got 3.8 from, haha My bad.


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                              I don't think you could have any problem with police as long as you don't watch any movies there... but I don't know how it's where you live. Here we can do anything except videos
                              Via Epia M10000 / 512 DDR / 10gigs 3.5 HD / M1-ATX / Innovatek 7" TS Screen
                              Trunk fiberglassing in progress...
                              Need GPS / Aux Input / WiFi

                              My Corolla Computer