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mk 5 ford fiesta work log *56k warning*

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  • mk 5 ford fiesta work log *56k warning*

    hi im a noob and i been working on my own carputer
    im from and iv been keeping updates on there with fellow fiesta owners lol
    so ill just copy and paste my progress from there upto where i am today

    all the pictures and more can be found here

    the start.. (program testingand new goodies)

    lilliput touch screen.... for my carpooter :dribble:

    Mmmmm mp3's.... music videos.... satnav.... wireless internet.... dvd's.... radio.... porn
    (screen will be flushed into the dash inplace of the headunit)

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    update 1.. (screen trial fit)

    few more pics...

    it will all be made into a suround to give it that O.E look, like its ment to be there


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      update 2.. (pc boot box)

      built me box today... just got to get a few fans in it and some cold air ducting then slap some carpet on it

      this thing is solid as f00k
      its houseing my M/B, PSU and inverter (till i can get a 12v PSU) , hard drive, space for 2nd battery (for when phase 2 of my install starts with 2x12" subs and
      my 6x9's in fiberglass builds either side infront of the box and a 17" TFT inbetween) and all my USB goodies... (gps mouse, wireless internet dongle, USB hub ect...)

      the reson i chose this design for my box was so i could add the subs and still show off the strutbrace
      heres some pics, it needs 2 10mm fans in the front at the bottem (you wont see these when the sub enclosures are built) and it also needs carpeting for that OE look...
      as usuall click for full size...
      built the frame for under the brace..

      added bottem and fronts...

      added sides and internal suports.. and then the back cover...

      then fitted it in the boot for a trial fit....


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        update 3

        this is what i done today....

        striping down the dash...

        out she comes...

        look at the mess... lol

        taped up for a trial fit...

        fits ok... so start hacking

        offer her back up...

        fits good... :P


        just need a heater pannel in silver without any aircon buttons or a fag lighter then i can finish the dash and get the screen fixed in properly (and yes the screen WILL be bolted to the frame so theft WILL be imposable{i hope})

        what do you all think?


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          update 4

          was bored so decided to get my mounts sorted for the pc in the box..

          i added 2 fans, one large one to suck (ill add one the other side to blow to get air flowing threw the box) i have 2 new 80mm fans on there way in the post

          i also added a old exaust fan that sits in a spare PCI hole in pc cases.. this was placed to suck the hot air blowing out the PSU (but im going to remove this as its not needed)

          my old case has a removable m/b tray

          so i simply left this atached and made mounts to mount the tray in my box

          i then made some brackets for the HDD with some ally angle (it will have nice springy spacers to help keep the HDD suffering from mild vibrations)

          the lot...

          im going to make a trick little hdd holder so its suspended and will cussion any bumps....


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              Originally posted by Tone
              Nice work so far!

              What vid is that?


              Post # 3000


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                its mariah carry's vid (we belong together)


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                  You certainly don't mind taking stuff apart!

                  Good work so far, I look forward to seeing you put it all back together.
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                    cheers peeps... going a bit slow at the mo, just got 2 new fans to fit cant do much else till i have my new heater pannel


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                      update 5

                      ok i toke me some of this.... (stolen from work :P )

                      and i made rings out of it and put them here...


                      for my anti-shock hdd mount

                      also fitted my new fans...

                      and removed the crappy exaust blower fan... (damn that thing was noisy)

                      then i needed to mount my wireless mouse reciver so i drilled 2 holes on the back cover and used anouther length of strechy stringy stuff from work and made a hoop in the cover and i cut a slit in the reciver and came out with this...


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                        then i put everything together and booted her up...

                        then with the cover on...

                        then the front with the new fans


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                          Wow great job so far. I really like you Harddrive mounting idea, are there any prings on the bottom of the HDD to prent it from jumping too much up and down when you take speed bumps?
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                            Now this is a worklog, many pictures!

                            Nice work! Are you going to mold the screen?
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                              the hdd mounting looks springy but its not... its quite solid, so it will dampen out the harsh movements like crappy roads will cause

                              the screen will sit in the dash and the case of the screen will be shaped to the opening in the dash... (im half way there now just need me new heater pannel so i can mount it all up )
                              oh yea i do like lots of pics

                              cheers everyone