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2005 Mustang GT - First attempt...

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  • 2005 Mustang GT - First attempt...

    Well, this is my first post after learning a ton! I am about 75% done with my carputer in my 2005 Mustang GT. I had hoped to have more pics, but I keep forgetting to take them. Here is my planned setup when I am all done:

    Via M10000 mainboard w/512mb ram
    40gb laptop drive
    M1-ATX power supply
    USB Slim DVD-ROM
    Xenarc 700TSV 7" Touch Screen in factory double-din location
    Xm direct unit w/serial interface cable
    Running Win XP Lite w/ Road Runner
    Holux GM-210 GPS
    IGuidance Nav software
    CF WIFI +256mb storage adapter on motherboard
    All inside a Voom PC Case
    Rear Backup camera

    Scan Tool OBD-II reader w/ some sort of diagnostic software
    Power Acoustik 600 Watt amp to power all of my speakers

    I have all parts at my house except for the OBD-II software and tool.

    First off, here is my car:

    Here are pics of my process/install thus far:

    Here is a pic of my stock dash where the screen will go:

    Had to run a ton of wires, here is my trunk torn apart:

    Everything fits pretty tight in the Ampie/Voom case, but i managed to get it all in:

    Here is a pic of my screen, finally got it all setup, and I am running it at 640 x 480 with Road Runner, no problems yet. (i tried 800 x 480 but gave up):

    Got everything configured, Zots skin, gps, and everything set up in my house, and am ready to put it in the car, along with my amp, and gps unit. Here is the Ampie Case all put together, ready for the trunk:

    Hope to have more pics coming this weekend, when I actually get to install this thing! Any comments on my system, helpful ideas, etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sweet, can't wait to see your progress. Like you, I forget to take pics sometimes. I am in the process of putting my shroud in my dash, and I just remembered that I put a coat of fiber glass on, filed, then put another coat on, but forgot to take pics of the filing process. Doh.

    Looking good, you are a step ahead of me (I haven't wired anything yet)!


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      Ill try to post some more pics tonight, maybe tommorow, my amp rack is about 85% done now, just have to hook everything up this weekend, and tie down the cables, clean up the trunk, etc.... Then on to the screen. I am going to either recess, or flush mount it in my stock location, and I know it will take some time!


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        Is this even a real post? Why haven't we seen some real pictures of this thing installed yet?

        I think this is just a guy trolling to see if we like his components, so we can buy them from him. He has not posted it yet, but I figure we will get the link soon.

        If you want to see a REAL car computer, you can check out my ride at

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          Hey, nice website!

          "404 Not found..."


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            Ah man, my Mac server must have gone down again. I'll get it taken care of tonight! Sorry!

            "They may have a better job, but they don't have a better car!" - Me


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              Mmm... Love the new GT 'Stangs. Will have to keep an eye on this one.
              Zen Fat Loss


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                Not sure why the "cool cavalier" was bashing my post, but I have been working on getting this thing installed, and have not had a chance to update it yet. I posted in the worklogs section, not the show off my project section. As far as selling my stuff, you are out of your mind, I have spent way too much time putting it together.


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                  I hope that is not sarcasm I detect with "Cool Cavalier" My Cavy could blow your 05 GT off the line and out of the water.

                  Plus I can get the ladies on a late night driveby to boot!

                  Its a good thing you didn't post in SHow off your Project becuase their ain't much to show.

                  My server is up right now, so check it out at

                  "They may have a better job, but they don't have a better car!" - Me


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                    Link still doesn't work.


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                      lol, a 95 cavalier....vs. a 2005 mustang gt.....95cavalier. maybe if you lost a couple lbs, you'd have a chance on the track... Boris


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                        ....atleast its now a ****in peice of **** cavalier...


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                 does not exist as a domain registrant according to A stock cavy is not taking a mustang. I call Troll.

                          Prove me otherwise by correcting your domain name, showing pictures of your carpc here on and showing pictures of your beefed up cavalier, because it will need a lot more HP to take a stock GT.


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                            nah, I think he at all of the 'beef' that was supposably goin into his car.


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                              Where is the beef?