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  • 05 Nissan Sentra

    Finally started on my project, I have a 05 Nissan Sentra. Its just a commuter car which I spend lots of time driving up and down from Orlando to Gainesville.

    At first I was thinking about getting an indash screen but with all the problems that people are having with bad motors, defective touchscreens. price, and the crappy looks of the current indash screens pushed me away. I was thinking for a while want can be done to the centerconsole then I saw gizak's install I was going to follow something like that but I wanted to be able to hide the screen in the bin with a folding screen like rig.

    What I have right now:
    Dell Inspiron 6000
    Lilliput 619

    additional materials:
    eurostyle self close drawer slide
    metal mesh
    other crap

    center console area without bin on

    Lilliput with brackets that I was trying out to see if there was enough room in the console which there wasen't

    Button for turning on my laptop

    Bondo center console where a hole from button was, after removed
    (first time using bondo and wow the fumes are strong, I think I lost so many brain cells using bondo since I didn't read the warning label: WARNING may cause brain and nervous system damage, etc... avoid contact with skin etc...may cause cancer etc...I'm ganna DIE! Boris)

    I already cut away the middle console area with my dremmel and filled it in with bondo, more pics be continued
    Working on install........under construction.............

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    Bin is sanded and painted.

    center before bondo

    another angle

    after bondo

    testing with screen slide back

    amazing what I can accomplish in 2 days of work.................
    Working on install........under construction.............


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      nice work.. gotta love draw runners
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        I am lovin the metal mesh, obviously you did alot of planning on this. If you didn't you should really consider modding for a career. It is looking great so far. I had convinced myself I was high first time I used bondo, we went through nearly 3 quarts my first time LOL.

        I am curious about the euro slide you are talking about, could you please post a couple links so I can picture in my head what they are and about how much they run?


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          somehow these pics didn't show up before

          testing with screen slide up

          screen folded down, facing down

          screen folded down, facing up

          looking good but I still need to figure out some kind of hinge thing for the screen to connect to the top bin cover, right now im holding it with my hand and the spring is lifting the bin cover.

          another shot of the side
          Working on install........under construction.............


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            ok pics a back.

            as for the euro drawer slides:

            I did some testing with bondo before using it in the center console, my first test was the filling up of th centerconsole bin cover and I didn't use as much metal mesh, it was hard working with the bondo since there was nothing holding it in place so for the center console no mess ups, or it would drip into the climatecontrols and the head unit so I put extra metal mesh to make sure not much dripping took place and it worked out fine.
            Working on install........under construction.............


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              Update: painted bindo black and the slide bars and also black but project is on hold due to school...........
              Working on install........under construction.............


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                that is sick dude, very hot looking.

                i wish the 5th gen maximas had storage bins like that.
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                  Yeah hella sick, great job man. Can that slide work with a larger screen too? Is 7-8 inches the most people really wanna mess with it? Any weight specs on what they can handle? Where do you get them?


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                    wow, coming along nice bro!! Yea, the whole part of getting the screen to lift up was another concern when I though about doing a mobile screen. I'm curious to see what you come up with as I might have to redo mine if you find the magic trick! (also means I'd have to buy another top compartment though ><). Glad to see school is coming first, always should, keep us updated on your progress.
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                      Tony, I'm looking to use the same laptop as you. Are you going to be using a port replicator or docking station? If so, where did you find one because I havent been able to find one. Thanks.


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                        how did your project end up. i want to put a monitor in the top bin in my spec v. any info and pics would be great.


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                          Any updates????