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2004 Nissan Titan LE install

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  • 2004 Nissan Titan LE install

    OK, I've decided to go ahead and start my project in the Titan. I am going to interface the computer to the OEM Rockford Fosgate system. This will allow me to use the factory speakers/sub AM/FM and 6 disk changer which I am happy with. The beauty of the stock system is that I can hack into the stock wiring to have the computer audio switched to using the steering wheel controls. The truck will think the computer is the stock DVD player and I will be able to separate the front and rear "zones". In other words, I can play a DVD with the computer on the rear screen for my son, and the truck will shut down the rear speakers, and output the DVD sound to a set of IR headphones. Meanwhile, I can listen to CDs, FM or whatever through the stock deck in the front of the cabin. This aleviates me from the wrath of Barney and friends. The IR transmitters/volume control and all are already in the truck from the factory. All I have to do is get him a pair of IR headphones.

    I plan to use the setup to mainly use GPS w/ iGuidance, play my MP3s, DVDs and occasionaly surf the web if I stumble upon a network .

    I just ordered most of the stuff I need this weekend. I'll put a red X near them as they arrive. Heres the list so far:


    VIA EPIA MII 10000 X
    Samsung 60GB 2.5" HDD X
    A-data 512MB DDR X
    External USB DVD/CD-Rom (slim case) X
    Ampie VoomPC case X
    M1-ATX PSU X
    Holux USB GPS antenna X
    PCMCIA 802.11b/g card X
    Mini Keyboard X
    Mini finger only trackball X
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen X


    Win XP home
    RoadRunner w/ custom BMV2 skins

    I am going to mount the Lilliput in the OEM navigation screen housing. I haven't decided what front end program I will use or what media player either. Any suggestions? I'll update as things arrive and get put together. I plan on taking pics of EVERYTHING I do, and making a step by step of some sort.

    UPDATE 08/28/05: Project is 95% complete. I am just finishing up with installing and configuring some software, including IG. It is up and running for MP3 and video now. Once it's all set I am going to Ghost the drive and start work on the XM install.

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    Update 08/22/05

    OK, I am still waiting for the parts to arrive, so I spent some time looking at the front ends and decided on RoadRunner. I like the flexibility and the wide variety of good skins available. I ended up finsing a version of the BMV2 skin that just about had what I needed. I ended up editing the skin in PS to have an amber glow to match my Nissan interior. I then changed a few of the buttons for what I need. I just have to change the glow on a few more of the screens and I should be all set. Here's a screenshot:


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      The Holux GPS antenna, HDD and RAM came in today. I will probably install the GPS antenna tomorrow while I am waiting for everything else. I love getting packages!


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        The Mobo and Touchscreen arrived today! I didn't get to the GPS antenna today, so I am hoping for tomorrow.


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          The ampie and M1-ATX arrived today. I put all the components together and now the PC itself is complete. I ended up having to extend the wires to the case fan by about 6 inches. The way they were, they would never reach the fan plug on the mobo. All set now. I still haven't gotten my USB DVD drive, so it looks like I'm still on hold to at least fire it up and get the software loaded. I am still waiting on the OEM Navigation housing so I can install the Lilliput as well. Oh well. I am happy just to get it all together right now.


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            Evertything but the trackball and OEM navigation housing arrived. I put it all together and used a spare 120v PSU to power up and install XP tonight. I will try to load in all the support software and Roadrunner as well as the skins I want tomorrow.

            According to the Nissan guys, the nav housign will be here tomorrow. Everythings coming together now.


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              Post some before pics And some pics of all the pieces.

              Keep us updated


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                All teh parts are finaly in today as the DVD drive and OEM navigation bezel arrived. I used a hacked PSU from an old desktop with a toggle switch in the harness to power up the board in the house and load all the software and test it all out. Everything is working fine except the CD ripper which I will address later. I added some pics below of the board, ampie and the OEM navigation housing. I hope to start mounting the Lilliput tomorrow and start buttoning it all up soon. I will also add a pic of the interior dash before I swap in the screen and then put in after pics when its all done.


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                  Looking awesome so far!


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                    OK, I am 90% complete now. I mounted the screen, and wired almost everyhting up and test fired it tonight with good success. I just have to hard wire the screen and USB hub tomorrow and replace all the trucks plastic. You can see in two of the pictures that I hacked into the power supplys output to get a 12v and 5v regulated supply for the hub and screen. I then put some molex connectors on the wires for easy removal. I also had to use a VGA extension cable to kae the Lilliput cable reach the CPU.



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                      Wow , Looks stock looking , is the sun a problem? Like do you read the screen correctly in sun light?

                      Do you have pics of the computer installed in the car?


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                        Not yet, I just did the test tonight. I will report on the sun tomorrow and hopefuly have pics of the PC mounted and all. thx


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                          OK, I spent most of the day putting everything back together and doing more testing. I was baffled all day by the computer not hibernating properly. What it was doing was going: "preparing to hibernate (blue screen)", then hibernating with status bar (black screen with XP logo) and hanging there after the status bar filled up. The fans kept running and everythign had power, but it would come out of hibernation nicely afterward.

                          I fooled with the BIOS for a while and some of the XP settings. Eventualy I decided to re-install every driver I had for the board, video/audio/usb/lan/FIR etc. This seems to have been the problem, and it hibernates fully now and comes out clean and somewhat quickly. I am going to test out standby tomorrow and possibly change the jumpers in the M1 to reflect that change if it goes good.

                          My PCMCIA 802.11g card arrived and it works great. I havent taken any pics of the final install yet, but will do it tomorrow. I am still debating on how I am going to secure it to the floor permanantly. It does fit in nicely under the front seat though.


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                            I went through and changed the BIOS to go into S3 mode (standby) and shut down power to everything in the computer except the memory when the computer powers off. I also told XP to do the same and set the jumpers on the M1 to power the PC down after 5 seconds and to NEVER cut power to the unit so that the memory will remain intact for standby mode. I have been told this will only dray about 40mA more than hibernate, so well worth it IMHO. Now the computer is booted up and ready to go playing MP3 or whatever I was doing before shutdown in about 4 seconds everytime. Thats faster than some aftermarket headunits I've seen.

                            I also installed a new skin and tested it out in the sun today. Very visible now, in everything but direct sunight. The way it stands, I won't have to change anything with the screen now. I am more than happy with it.


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                              How much time does it take to boot from cold(not in standby)?
                              4 seconds is awesome for standby!