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'99 VW Golf IV TDI

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  • '99 VW Golf IV TDI

    Hey guys,

    Here are some pix of my install (not yet completed):

    Firstly I've made a wooden box (25 x 25 x 9 cm) for putting my hardware in. This box will be placed in the trunk.
    Later I've made a metal L-shaped profile to hold my screen and fixing it in stead of an air vent (drilled also a hole for hiding the cables of the screen in the dash). Of course I have to remove my screen each time I park somewhere.

    Last week a friend of mine, Wim, and his dad helped me out with the wiring, placing a 20A fuse, removing dashboard parts etc...

    I'm still waiting for a few cables, so my install isn't finished yet. I've also to install my slot load DVD Combi and USB 2.0 hub in the dash (above the HU).

    More to come soon,

    My install

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    Last week I've received the vga-extension cable and installed it. I also got rid of some annoying cables on the dash.
    Lastly I've hooked my lilliput on the 12V molex connector, along with the Auto Power on Now my screens gets power from my Opus 120W.

    My site is online at:

    My install


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      nice install ... i'm wondering is the screen removable ?

      mooi gedaan ... alleen nog een beetje werk om alles echt mooi af te werken zeker (frontje voor de cd bv)
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        @ John_Duh: yes, the screen is removable. I'm still working on the dvd install.

        Al eens gekeken op ?

        My install


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          Install update

          Install and my site is updated with more pictures, almost finished .

          See link below.

          EDIT: new update October 1st 2005 !!

          My install