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1992 Citroen AX Retro-pute (Dial up beware!)

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  • 1992 Citroen AX Retro-pute (Dial up beware!)

    Hello peeps!

    First off Thanks to all those out there that have answered my posts - a few!

    I have been asspired to start so I think I should let you guys see it so far!

    Pentium 166 MMX processor
    64Mb ram
    Dos 7.0 (win 95 dos start up disk)
    3Bg hard drive
    2x16 charecter LCD
    1x16 LCD

    Thats the spec and this is the beast at the mo!

    The old beast

    With the single line LCD

    But then I got a 2x 16 LCD with back light!!!

    And tryed putting them on the same bus

    and so ended up with this!

    So there we have it at the mo - Prototyped and on plugbards/ bedroom carpet! (with board down so as not to short)

    It will be going into a case soon (custom build) and then will be going in the false floor of the AX once I build that!

    Trying to get the thing to work has sent me , but after lots of googleing and people going it worked

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    Nice usage of an old pc Were yo ugonna put the lcd's?