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1999 Chrysler 300M (My Worklog)

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  • 1999 Chrysler 300M (My Worklog)

    This is my work in progress... (charging battery for digicam) PICS SOON

    [@@@@@@@@##] 80% System Completion (including basic stereo)

    Stuff Currently On Car:
    Head Unit:
    Pioneer AVIC-N1 (Installed 9/8/05) -Removed Sony CDX-M600-
    Im going to be using the AVIC-N1 as my monitor. Anyone know how to make something to intercept the touchscreen abilities of the AVIC-N1 and put them to my CarPC lemme know.. somehow? I was already planning on using a trackball mouse though, i wanted to play some games when im on the road and in the passenger seat. The quality of the picture is amazing, i recieve virtually NO sunglare and in direct sunlight i can see the screens contents without a problem.

    Sony XM-2252HX (Oldschool) - Used For Subs
    Kicker KX350.4 - Used for mids/highs

    (2) Alpine SPS-690A 6x9 (Rear)
    (2) Alpine SPS-170A 6-1/2" (Front)
    (2) Kenwood KFC-ST30 Tweeters (got them for basically free ^_^)
    (2) Rockford Fosgate P1 12" Subwoofers (in sealed 1cf/ea box) descent... want something more though cause amp is WAY down and subs distort while watching some dvd's oddly enough cd's are fine though

    Stuff For Future Install:

    M1-ATX PSU (Recieved in mail 9/2)
    80gb Hdd (from old computer)
    Filesystem being setup currently. Working with programs and such to make my own interface using Hoverdesk ( Renaming/Re-Tagging thousands of MP3's so that all the names are correct and in the format i want.


    im thinking of either the VIA EPIA ME6000 or the VIA EPIA MII12000
    anyone got any suggestions (keep in mind i will be using the M1-ATX)
    im leaning toward the VIA EPIA ME6000 but the only thing i would be worried about is power... DOES 600mhz seem good enough??? >_>

    Spent So Far ~2,800
    1999 Chrysler 300M
    Currently: Several Additions Being Made (My Main Vehicle)
    1984 Chevrolet Corvette
    Currently: Garaged N> Transmission Work
    1974 Toyota Land Cruiser
    Currently: Runs Good (Chevy Engine,Tranny,Transfercase) N> Body -Its Been Rolled-