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2006 Golf GLS TDi

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  • 2006 Golf GLS TDi


    1 gig of DDR266 Ram
    160GB 5400 RPM Drive
    8" Lilliput Touch Screen
    XM Direct

    My intent is to install the guts in the trunk, above where the stock Monsoon amp lives and make the main run to touch screen the only thing in the dash. To that end, I've made a plexiglass shelf to mount the MB on out of the VW stock CD changer mount.

    I've gotten all the software up and running outside of the car, and now its just a matter of getting the whole damn thing into the car. VW isnt making it easy. It seems like I have to remove the maximum possible amount of pieces before I can get to anything I want. *sigh* So now my brand new car (less than two weeks old) looks like a tornado hit the inside. Ahh well.

    Next step, fab up the monitor mounts for the DIN cage.

    Gallery of Work Done