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2005 Nissan Titan LCD Touchscreen and Carputer

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  • 2005 Nissan Titan LCD Touchscreen and Carputer

    This is an ongoing journal to document the install of my carputer with touchscreen LCD. I will be taking lot's of photos once I have the parts.

    Parts ordered:
    Notebook HD to IDE Converter 2.5" to 3.5"
    USBBT100 Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter
    Ampie Car Computer Case Ampie
    VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard
    M1-ATX 90 Watt - Smart Automotive Power Supply
    BU-303 USB GPS Receiver
    Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen 629GL-70NP
    Ultra Slim External Enclosure USB 2.0/FireWire
    Panasonic Slot Load DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive 24x24x24
    60 GB 2.5 HDD
    512 MB RAM

    * Indicates item recieved.

    Parts need to order:
    Wireless network adapter
    USB Cameras (Rear, possible dashboard and front)
    USB interface for dash (plug in memory stick and other devices)

    Software needed:

    *added pics
    working lcd
    inside cab
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    USB Driver Unknown Lilliput 7 inch LCD touchscreen issues with fix.

    The USB drivers kept coming back as unknown. With some troubleshooting I found that disconnecting the cable from the back of the lilliput screen and reattaching it sort of fixed it.

    The next thing that happened is that it showed up as a Microsoft Touch Screen Device.

    Rightclick and update the driver using the touchkit files and then it will be a Touchkit touchController.

    Once that is working. Calibate using the touchkit software.

    Then the rest is cake.


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      Error finding vfloppy.sys on boot - fixed

      After I used powerquest to make an image I got this message:

      Error 5 VFloppy.sys Error 8 Fake Floppy Drive Not Found

      You must use FIXMBR to fix this issue.


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        Installing Centrafuse

        Centrafuse seems to be a nice starting software for the novice user. Signup for the beta to get a registration code. I see more people with FrodoPlayer but that seems like alot of work.

        DVD Player software took a little caressing to get working.
        Installed the following:
        Latest DirectX

        Replaced the default logo with one I made. I will start posting pics soon.


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          Installing MS Streets and Trips 2005

          I'm installing MS Streets and Trips because i already had a copy. I may want something a little easier to use with this system later on.


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            I'd love to see general pics of the interior of the Titan. I am a Nissan fan and either the Titan or the new Pathfinder will be my next ride.
            Audi A4 (flickr pics)


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              Changed the Welcome screen for windows

              I got tired of looking at the windows welcome. I changed the Logon window using LogonStudio.

              Attached is the new screen boot up before my shell interface starts. I like it because I have the shell to autoplay music. For a few seconds you will have music with this screen.
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                Nissan Logon Screen

                As soon as I posted the last msg I was asked to post my logon files.

                Make sure to download the software to install it. It is called LogonStudio.

                See below for files!

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